Today, tablets and smartphones in children appear at a fairly young age and often these appear on Android devices.  Parents then, as a rule, express concern about how the child uses the device and how long they have the desire to protect it or use parental control apps from unwanted applications, websites, unnecessary use of the phone, and similar things.

In this manual – on the possibility of parental control apps over Android phones and tablets, both through the system and using third-party applications for this purpose.  See also: Windows 10 Parental Control, iPhone parental control apps.

Built-in Android parental control apps

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the Android system itself (as well as Google’s built-in parental control apps) is not very rich in the very popular parental control features.  But some can be customized without resorting to third-party applications.  Update 2018: Google’s official parental control application has become available, I recommend using: Google FamilyLink Parental Controls on Android phones (although the methods described below continue to work and one can make them better, some additional useful solutions in third party solutions  There is a set restriction function). +

Note: Function location is indicated for “pure” Android.  Some devices with their own launcher settings may have other locations and sections (for example, “Advanced”).

Set up parent control application on your phone

The “Lock Application” function allows you to run an application in full screen and switch to another application or Android “Desktop”. +

  • To use the function, do the following: +
  • Go to Settings – Security – App Lock.
  • Activate the option (previously read about its use)
  • Launch the desired application and click on the “Browse” button (small box), drag the application slightly and click on the “PIN” drawn.

As a result, access to Android will be restricted to this application until you disable this lock: press and hold the “Back” and “Browse” buttons to do so.

Parental controls in the Play Store

The Google Play Store lets you configure parental controls to limit the purchase and control of the app installation.

  • Click on the Play Store’s “Menu” button and open Settings.
  • Open the “Parental Control” item and move it to the “ON” position, setting a pin code.
  • Set music limits by game and app filtering, age and movie.
  • Use the “Authentication for purchase” item to prohibit the purchase of apps that do not enter a Google Account password in the Play Store settings.

How to Monitor Your Kids’ Mobile Devices?

The Kidcontrol app knows your child’s phone location

Family GPS Kid Control Tracker lets you track a child’s location via real-time mobile phone or with the help of Kids GPS Smart Clock Smart Baby.  With Kid Control you will always be aware of where your child is located and how the battery is charged.  To do this, you need to connect to your phone for Android or iPhone and to those who want to communicate with you on your relatives’ phones.

What Can A Best Parental Control App Do?

What a best parental control app can do Google Play Parental Controls and Purchase Approval..

In the Google Play Store, your child can browse a variety of content, including apps, movies, books, and music.  … You can block an app with the Family Link “App” card so that it is no longer accessible on your child’s Android or ChromeOS device.

Monitor social media online activities 

Social media sites are reaping daily harvests, apps are appearing like weeds, and access is current.  It’s irresistible to stay on top, and it’s almost impossible to monitor everything.

Still, when it seems easiest to put air in your air, the best thing is to learn as much as possible and hide yourself with knowledge.  You may not be able to see everything, but sometimes the key is just to show that you have to pay attention all the time.

The list of concerns for digital parenting is long, but here are some of the key issues with information, tips, and resources for all of them.

Screen time

When kids are little, their technology is easy to use.  Because you are already keeping an eye on them for other security reasons.  The biggest concern for smaller ones is the amount and quality of screen time they have access to.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has a somewhat stricter screen deadline that does not recognize the difference between interactive screen time and passive screen time.  On a big screen or device, a TV program, video or movie is spent on big screen.

Interactive screen time is spent playing video games, running a game or on-screen fitness activities, or exploring apps.  Website design, digital music, coding, etc. are spent during the creative screen.  Obviously, each of these activities is different.  

Kids should use some common sense to determine what parents need to use the most until the AAP comes out of the new screen time guideline.

View messages and call logs

As a parent, you need to check  your children phone’s  call logs or massages.. Such as messenger, what’s  app massages. It’s  a good step to control your kids.

Now let’s talk about some kid control applications here some details are below parental control apps…

1.KidsGuard Pro

Kidguard is an option.  Unlike Tinsaf and Fonsarif, KidGuard has linked to the iPhone’s iCloud account, so there’s no need to install an app on the phone.  The service is provided like the other two options.

It is commonly used by parents to monitor their children’s messaging activities and find out where they are.  You can set time limits on devices, block specific websites or applications, as well as block text messages and calls.  All text messages can be monitored after the application is installed . 

2. Qustodio

Qustudio works across multiple devices and platforms on Windows and even your smart devices to filter your child’s online presence.  

 With qustudio, parents can schedule, restrict and block some unwanted or pornographic sites from children.  The paid versions however provide better security, SMS monitoring, social media control and monitoring of each application.  It also filters HTTPS for unsupported browsers and tracks its location to protect their kids and their activities.

 The best browser for parental control is to protect the child’s online experience and not replace parental guidance.  However, most browsers provide features to limit or create levels of privacy online and can be accessed from browser settings.

3. Norton Online Family

It also a kid control application .. During this application  you can control  you kid to use many device  application … 


This is a best parents  control  app. Here you can control  the screen.. You can use block massages. you can block useless  apps.


Spyzie is use for  countless parents globally for  track their child’s mobile  phones.


Reliable parental control app for Apple and Android devices for parental control apps.FamiSafe, is a highly reliable parental control application that allows our children to follow their movements and control their activities on iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android cell phones or tablets.  FamiSafe helps to soothe our parents ’hearts as well as protect and safeguard our children’s parental control apps.


Kidzone is an Educational worksheet. Where a kid can use it for their education …. 


  It gives you the ability to monitor whole family activities by accessing five devices at the same time.  Find out where your kids are, what they’re doing, and the apps they’re always using to keep them safe.

9 . Family Shield From OpenDNS

It’s also a parental control app for kids.. Here you can control your kids using applications such as youtube, crome.


  • How can I monitor my kid’s phones without them knowing? 

       Ans: 1. Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to sneakily see the other mobile’s location parental control apps.. …

  1. Secretly Track Your Kids’ Phones Using “Find My Friends” Though# Find My friend’s app is not for spying purposes, it can be used in that sense. 
  2. Track Your Daughter’s Phone Using SecureTeen.
  1. Are parental control apps legal?

Ans: yes, parental control  apps is legal

  1. Can parental control apps see deleted history?

Ans: yes, you can see the deleted history and you can restore it by using parental control apps.

  1. Is KidsGuard Pro detectable?

Ans: yes kidsgurd pro is detectable

  1. Can I remove the parental control app from the target phone?

Ans:  yes, you can To turn off all parental control apps for a child older than 13, go back to the “Manage settings” menu and tap “Account info.” 4. Tap “Stop supervision.” Check the box confirming. your choice, and tap “Stop supervision” again.

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