6 successful SEO strategies for ranking fastly

SEO is the only strategy for ranking any content or web pages. If there mistake anything like Google content writing guidelines, ranking factors, SEO algorithm, and violations of any rules, its directly hamper a site’s ranking till correction.

So in this content, I will show you the 10 important SEO strategies which significantly help your site ranking.

  1. Content writing strategy

There is no single way of ranking google search engines without quality content writing. It’s most important than any other guidelines.

If your content value is highly qualified, guaranteed to users satisfactions, readability score is high, errors free and most unique presentations so you deserve first ranking in search engine.

Resealable qualified content, human writing content, errors free programmatic content would be the best preferable content in Google bot. So please ensure a high user experience rather than others SEO strategy because none of SEO will be effective if there exist low-quality content quality.

Accordance to the  Google developers,’’ If your site fulfills useful information you don’t need to worried Google must consider it ranking’’

Maintain these three content writing rules of Google:

  • Try to use rich content, sequence of information, accurate data, human writing, natural keywords use, and researchable content writing.
  • Write for primary users not for google search engines, avoid tricks to rank, input secure information, update your content consistently, represent accurate and rich information with each updated time, use instructive images and video, make sure user-friendly content.
  • Use the table of content or key terms for content so that users can get an overall idea at a glance.
  1. Targets long-tail keywords

Longtail keywords can help you rank first than branded keywords because of low competition, non-branded keywords, low search volume, and low CPC rate.

Example of short/branded keywords ‘’SEO strategy’’

Example of long-tail keywords SEO strategy for ranking firstly’’

Long-tail keywords always consist of four/five words, sometimes it’s easy to rank firstly than brander keywords.

We found a study that proves that 91.8% of search terms are long-tail keywords this result we got from a backlinks website that specifically mentioned the trend of search. People not only search branded keywords they want more and more particular results from their search.

Google search engine also like the exact result with the user search result, Google advice to give visitor information what they exactly looking for.

What is the next for ranking longtail keywords?

Next is to keep writing valuable content as well as focus LSI keywords within your content, use almost nearby primary keywords. Input your primary keywords in SlUG, H1, and H2 tags naturally. 

If you can use exact meaning keywords it can be also effective to rich your content and ranking. Google analytics and Ubersuggest can help you find out longtail keywords.

If your site is almost new on the internet so there is no better advice without using longtail keywords.

Maintain these three rules for longtail keywords:

  • Use keywords in URL slug,h1,h2, first 100 words and few times in the content, most important is naturally.
  • Longtail keywords information should be more precise and relevant without any exaggeration because visitors use long words to get a more precise clear-cut answers.
  • You can find longtail keywords manually like search in Google’’Advance SEO strategy it can suggest Advance SEO strategy for WordPress’’ advance SEO strategy for search engine ranking’’ etc.
  1. Ensure primary level SEO is done

Before publishing content you have to ensure primary level SEO is followed. Ensure main keywords appear heading 1 tag and first 100 words and H2 tags keywords, also LSI keywords used a few times within the content.

Ensure descriptive and precise meta description writing for google and social media for better visibility you can use Yoast SEO tools.

Maintain these three rules for primary level SEO:

  • Ensure primary-level SEO optimization like title keyword, at least one/two h2 keywords, descriptive meta description writing, image Alt tag optimization, sequence of heading structure, permalink SEO, image SEO.
  • Ensure related page internal linking
  • Use rich words like trendy words, semantic words, and LSI words which would be ranking factors of Google.
  1. Design Content Page

Content writing and content design is not the same words in SEO because content design represents your content clearly and structurally. The only content value can’t satisfy your ultimate users because they expect also a clear view,understandable structure, step-by-step descriptions, examples, descriptive writings.

Example of Content Design Page

  • Page Title
  • Key points
  • Introductions
  • Summary
  • Heading2
  • Heading3
  • Heading4
  • Conclusion

If you explore this picture you can understand the structure of content design

For better understanding please see this picture

Explain your content step by step so that users can understand and can move anywhere easily. Using bullet point descriptions creates credibility to the user, helps to get a snap idea about the heading.

Maintain these three guidelines for content design:

  • Structure description and using division to explain an external topic
  • Use landmark style for describing momentum topic
  • Use the definitive picture for precisely describe
  1. Use image/video/animation

There are many top bloggers consistently using topic-based videos, JavaScript images, and well-designed pictures for attracting the best way. It can be another important ranking strategy for Google. 

Because an image makes your content easy and eye-catching to the. Users can understand within a short time.

You should not use imbibed text or URL or important text above the image but you can set alt tag, describe image purpose shortly and mention the title of the image.

Follow the content structure like this

Maintain these three tips for image/video/animations:

  • Ensure original value of image and good context with relevant topic
  • Use Alt tag, good description because its help to rank an image
  • Don’t embedded text in the image because search engine or translator can’t read, its a strict rules of google developers.
  1. Follow Primary level Marketing

After writing content and completing above all guidelines you don’t need to create backlinks instantly because it’s new content so you need to primary level marketing like Facebook group sharing as content not only weblink sharing, LinkedIn page sharing, twitter sharing.

After accomplishing social media sharing you should do target selected person-based marketing to find out the interested person who is needed and is eager to read this type of content.

 Some of the primary level marketing sources can be

Facebook Pinterest RedditLinkedinQuoraMediumFacebook GroupWhatsapp Personal group
email MarketingPublic Group ConversationLinkedin Group Invitation

Maintain these three tips for Primary level marketing:

  • Add yourself in a various  public groups,gives free advice, be helpful to those group member and share your thought
  • Use attractive title with a short description for social media marketing
  • Try write a summary so that user can read your content with minimal effort

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