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If you have a WordPress website, you need to create an author to contribute to the working process. That means you want to give access to anyone who can log in to your WordPress dashboard and upload files, write articles, edit, post and publish and delete their articles. Here they can change their username and login passwords under the WordPress website.

WordPress gives many attractive features to create your dream website. But you often choose any theme that keeps up to limited to create users. You try to use two different ways to add a custom author profile on the WordPress website. That allows you to create multiple features.

How to add a Custom author profile on WordPress website using Plugin

I will create or add a custom author profile on the WordPress website using Plugins. First of all, I will show how to add a custom author profile on WordPress using Plugin. So let’s go-


Login to your WordPress dashboard and click the plugins section. Here I use WP user manager plugins to add custom authors. So Click add new plugin and search WP User Manager, click Install Now and Activate on your WordPress website.

For the best clarification follow this picture:


After Completing Installation then you go to the WP User Manager setting on your dashboard.

Here I will create a custom author profile

Here you can include many features on custom different pages like custom login pages, Password recovery pages, a user registered pages, account page, and profile section. Select here your needed page and click the Save Change button.

Step 3:

Complete the general section then you go Next section on the Login option where you select what kind of user pages to the login section.

Step 4:

Select this to your choosing these 4 things then go to click Misc setting pages here set up all sections on you to want to include your author that can do your WordPress access.

Step 5:

Complete this on your website Set up Profiles section under your wp user manager plugin. Here you set up your access to things that you want to provide your author profile users. If you want to access any permission just enable this on the mark and click Save Change button options.

Step 6:

Now you can create a custom author profile on your WordPress website using WP User Manager Plugin. Then you set up an SEO-friendly username on the permalink under your author profile section. That is why you have to go to the WordPress Dashboard Setting section; here, you click permalink and select Display Nickname and click the Save Change button.

When you set up permalink under your author section, it works SEO-friendly.

Here I show how to find a custom author on his profile under the WordPress website. Include this on your author page to appear and Widgets here add WPUM login pages insert sidebar section. Here you include it on your website to easily find out this author’s user profile page. These widgets form to access login and logout user profiles.

You must add a custom author profile on your WordPress website following this article using the WP User Manager plugin. Do this on your website facing any problem. Just drop a comment. I will help you as soon as possible. 

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