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Full guidlines for advance SEO

After writing a complete blog about advanced SEO tips which help you rank higher in search engines. Through advanced SEO tips, you can easily optimize your content for better ranking in search engines. You may use some free tools for basic optimization like YOAST SEO tools but the truth is this type of free tool does not help you advance content optimize your article. Ultimately your content will not be top-ranking google. So follow these bow steps if you want a high ranking of your content.

Pro tips: Follow Google Blog for regularly getting any updates so that you can update your blog as per google guidelines. 

Keywords Research

Find out the tagged audience for your content, on basis of gender, geographical area, and country your content keywords would be different. No matter! If your content keyword is longtail or short but the matter is found exact keyword through proper keywords research. I recommend to use google keywords planner or getting accurate keyword volume and keyword ideas. Google keyword planner gives you exact match of keywords basis of geographical.

Keywords dentistry

In the very beginning paragraph of your content try to use a primary keyword and secondary keywords. Example: If your targeted keyword is content optimization’’ You may use’’  ‘’best content optimization’’ ‘’ advance content optimization’’

There are bounded rules of using times of keywords based on contents words. Google nowhere explain any idle times of using keywords, there have many article which not follow keywords density rules but still hold the ranking first position in google. So it’s not mandatory to maintain keywords density but their undeclared rules to use keywords.


  • The first rule is, use keywords every 200 words one time

  • Secondly, Use each keyword naturally

  • Thirdly, use secondary keywords

  • Follow keywords clustering

Keywords Clustering

Keywords clustering is also important for the ranking of any content because keywords clustering refers create related cluster/group keywords or related search terms. Do keywords research- Create a group of keywords- Create subgroups of keywords- Try to include all main keywords and cluster keywords naturally.

Focus Reader Experience

Reader experience experts said it’s the most important part of Search engine ranking also the aspect of SEO. If your blog reader experience is highly effective so your content must rank in the first position. Reader experience basically consists of some major elements such as content accuracy, content readability score, image size, video size, page speed, and content formatting.

The content formatting heading and subheading is crucial because it assist the reader to scan your full content quickly. Website page speed is also another factor of ranking so focus on website page speed, remove unusual plugins, resize images the ide size of content image is 250kb, and optimize video size so that page speed can be faster than before.

Focus exact demand of readers what they actually want, include relevant and informative data so that readers can get their accurate data easily.


Use Animated Image

A study shows that animated image gives new experience for readers and increase on-site time speed. Some high-quality animated images increase user experience example GIF and SVG [here shows how to make SVG and GIF animated images for content].


Publish topic with Content Year

If you include the content year in your title it seems updated content so the user will be more attracted to read your content so MAIN TOPIC+PUBLSH YEAR is important for user experience. Example: Major factors of Google ranking -2021

Google Discover Optimization

Google discover shows you all types of helpful content not new or old content they show you the most relevant content. Some google discover factors are:

  • Content accuracy and relevancy 

  • High quality optimize image size

  • Avoid tactics which mislead user experience

  • Provide researchable insights

 Website Architecture

Website architecture is how the website page is linked to each other. Website architecture helps Search engines to find out related content from your website. If your website gets several clicks of the home page but does not get enough click other pages so Google bot will hard time finding other pages. If you interlinked with each other relevant content Google bot will index all other pages and can count it as a good user experience.


Your architecture website structure will be like this one


Title Tag

The title tag of the headline is the first step for readers or search engines to identify the relevance of your content. So make sure you included a title tag in the first 60 words of your title. Actually Google does not count your content words but will count pixel width, If I convert it words it would be almost 50 to 60 words.

Make mobile-friendly

Most people search from mobile or tablet so test your website content mobile-friendly score. A mobile-friendly responsive content gets more priority for ranking in google. Generally, the desktop view is larger than mobile if you don’t optimize it also shows larger than your phone screen that’s very weird.


 Free SEO Tools -2021


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