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Advanced on-page SEO important factors

Today I will talk about the most responsible advanced level on-site optimization factors. Some of the on-site factors greatly impact keyword ranking. If you know all the advanced on-page SEO guidelines so it will be very easy to optimize. I hope this guideline will help you avoid harmful SEO techniques for on-page optimization.

On-page SEO terms consist of significant areas like title optimized, paragraph optimized, image optimized, internal links, external links, keywords density, and sometimes another essential factor like content quality. So let’s go to the main point.

Guidelines for setting up advanced on-page SEO for WordPress website

Today I will optimize my digital marketing business website page, where I will input every advanced level SEO strategy and show you tracking results. Let’s talk about it.


advance SEO set up for WigMarketing website

Now I will set up sections like title, paragraph, image, and keywords optimization of my website page; I have already colored red for best clarification.

  1. Title Optimization

It’s mitigant for Google Bot to understand your content topic purpose and index them. So always input your targeted keywords in the main title tag and set it as the H1 tag. We recommend a page title that accurately represents your targeted keyword.

It’s beauty’s if you use some modifiers like FREE, BEST, TRICKS, TIPS,

SUGGESTIONS, because if you explore top ranking website titles 

many of them use these tags to attract new users.

Must include primary keywords in the H1 tag, for example, your “Content writing service” keyword is already included in the title.

Here are some tips for SEO friendly titles:

  • The title tag must be an H1 tag
  • If these data are changeable so, use the year(2022)
  • Don’t uDon’trelevant words which not represent your content
  • Use natural words and the most understandable words
  • Avoid lengthy sentences which mostly unattractive
  • Use core words in the title for a better understanding
  • It’s noIt’sndatory to use primary keywords in the title but helpful

NOTE: You should have known that SEO title means not only input main keywords in the title because input keywords are not mandatory by Google’specialist, but it helps to understand Google bot to your content structure and purpose. Without keywords in the title/H1 tag, it’s not possible to rank rapidly.

  1. Meta Tag

It’s mitigant to Google bot to understand the content structure, and in one sentence, it gives a search engine summary of the purpose of your web page.

Here I include my site meta description strictly following Google Meta description Guidelines.

Meta description gives a relevant short overview of what is about content. Ensure unique brief descriptions are not copied from main content so that everyone can understand the content purpose more efficiently.

Try to use trendy searching words or rich words to help Google bot understand content more fastly.

Like this, I added in my meta description.

on-Page SEO for content optimization

Here are some meta description writing tips:

  • Use rich result searching trends in the meta tag
  • Avoid using main keywords in meta descriptions
  • Avoid exaggerating descriptions which not represent the main content
  • Use insightful reports for the best understanding
  • Avoid using CAPITAL letter keywords in meta descriptions
  • Use eye-catching description

NOTE: If you think you don’t have the correct rich result of your meta tag, click this link to check your meta description credibility.

test rich result tools 

  1. Paragraph Optimization

After optimizing the title tag, some people include an introductory paragraph, a summary paragraph, an overview paragraph, and starting lines. We will optimize this preceding paragraph and talk about all sections in your content.

For optimizing paragraph keywords density is not a significant factor in search engines. But if you can include all keywords naturally then do it.

There have no guidelines to include Keywords in the paragraph from Google developers because they follow only the best user experience. if the google search engine understands your content value, they must rank it on the first page. You should mind there have no single guidelines or instructions from Google about keyword density its another SEO expert’s opinion.

Do not focus on keyword density times. Just create natural sentences so that search engines can understand them easily.

If Google understands you are trying to influence search engine ranking by keyword stuffing, its will humper overall site ranking.

In summary, I recommend not keyword density in paragraphs, just focusing on content value.

One of Google search engine developers said search engines always prioritize content value rather than keywords used times.”

  1. Search engine factors
  • References/cross-references

Sometimes for better user credibility, owners include reference links within anchor text, for example, Google developers. But when you write like click here, click this post, here, or most tricky terms to force the user to open a new window or distract the user from clicking that post.

To avoid these reference systems, use only proper anchor text with URL.

  • SEO friendly URL

Include primary keywords in URL but don’t duplicate keywords. Short URL could be the best way to better user experience example:

Correct: https://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag

Incorrect: https://moz.com/p=467238

We call it SEO friendly URL so that anyone can easily understand the content purpose and think this link is safe.

SEO for permalink optimization

You need to change your WordPress site setting for an SEO-friendly permalink structure, so follow these below steps…

  • Click WordPress DASHBOARD 
  • Go to SETTING
  • Mark POST NAME option
  • Update the SETTING
  • Using Key terms

Google gives the keywords you want to provide more value than other words. So wrapped in Italic style, because Google bot thinks Italic style is key terms in the paragraph. 

It would be best to use only an italic style for key terms. Don’t or CAPITAL words as key terms.

  • Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are used for particular rank pages for a specific region. If your site page target one area to rank, it can distract factual information for the best user experience.

  • Automatically generated content/copy content.

Some premium tools give auto-generated AI articles, but it is not natural or readable.

Google is taking action against auto-generated content, which uses trendy words, unique words, synonyms, social media content, and RSS feed content.

You should know this factor in measuring quality content as per Google guidelines. It will help you to know all the major factors which can impact hardly in your website ranking.

If you think it is possible to rank auto-generated articles without changing or translating articles without making them human-readable, scraping content from others’ written content, all of these violate Google developer’s guidelines, so it’s not possible to rank in search engine.

  1. Image Optimization

Image optimization is the easiest eye-catching factor for web visitors, but unsize images, unoptimized images, loading speed, and copywriting issue makes influence them badly.

So image optimization makes your image possible smallest size without losing image quality. It basically reduces the image size-input Alt tag so that search engines can read it-ensure image quality-faster image loading speed.

For website speed optimizers, specialist images are big factors for making website speed faster.

Some image optimization tools can automatically compress image size, which would greatly benefit WordPress websites. Also, it will save time.

Here I mentioned the two best auto image optimizer tools. After installing your WordPress website, it automatically compresses image size and ensures quality.

Both tools are entirely free for WordPress websites; you need to install them on the WordPress website and click for optimization.

No here I mentioned some statistics report on image optimization performance. 

SEO for content optimization and keyword density for wordpress website
  1. Heading 2

H2 tag is always an essential factor for search engine ranking, and it should be relevant and primary keywords should include at least one subheading. Neither google bot will not understand your content topic. 

You should include primary keywords in H1, H2 and if possible naturally so H3. 

Your primary keyword must need to appear at least a time in H1 & H2. If there is more H2 tag so you should focus on the secondary keyword that appears in another H2 tag.

Most giant blogger websites use heading one as a post title but heading two as a subheading.

It’s one kind of synchronization in search engine-you must maintain a discipline. The more important thing is the heading/subheading if it’s synchronized for the best user experience, so there have no problem just making sure the page is understandable.

Maximum important heading wrapped in H2 then disciplinary set the h3, H4 but too much heading subheading is not good. For example, the h3 tag would be under the h2 title.

Here are some of the tips for heading tag:

  • Don’t as heading
  • Running should not be bullet points or numbers
  • Don’t in more times
  • The hierarchical header is most guaranteed
  • Don’t do different styles in different heading

Mostly use descriptive heading under subheadings so that users can get something from your content. Google developers heading guidelines saying said relevant with paragraph heading are mostly guaranteed in search engines.

  1. Internal linking

Internal linking is linking one page with another relevant page. It is a very important term for Google ranking. Internal linking helps to decrease bounce rate because users can read another article. Google can focus on related keywords through internal linking. Visitors will stay a long time on your website and click from one page to another page. 

There are no internal linking guidelines for how many times you should use but you should focus on the best user experience so that users don’t feel any hesitation. 

There is no doubt if you can properly set up relevant internal links with your page, You can see a great result in page ranking.

the conclusion you want to follow very short and advanced on-page SEO techniques for WordPress website keyword ranking or indexing any content rapidly so I will recommend you should not follow black-hat SEO techniques. But there are some short techniques for keyword ranking in Google I can ensure it’s 100% safe and recommended by popular SEO experts in the world.

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