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A lot of websites are under the assumption that their code is flawless. The truth is, a lot of web developers fail to follow basic standards such as HTML and CSS. This article provides an overview of common mistakes that can happen on your WordPress website, and how you can avoid them.

The four most common mistakes that we see in WordPress website are: Failure to add a unique slug, failure to add the right tags and tags, failing to use keywords and failing to validate the spelling of the main keywords.

Anyone who runs a WordPress website or is responsible for maintaining one can tell you that there are lots of basic errors in WordPress. As a web developer, it’s not enough to know how to build a website. You also need to understand the core functions of WordPress and be able to spot common mistakes. Here are some basic errors that you should avoid in your WordPress websites.

When building a website, there are some basic errors that you must be aware of in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. To put it simply, WordPress can be a little tricky to understand and use when it comes to its capabilities. There are many things you need to know about WordPress before starting your own site or migrating from another platform. 

This article is written to make sure that you are not making the basic errors when you are creating a WordPress website. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, used by thousands of webmasters all over the world. There is a lot to learn about WordPress and what it can do for your business or blog.

The most frequent causes of errors in WordPress websites are misconfiguration and basic mistakes. This article will help you to avoid such mistakes when developing a website for your clients.

Some basic errors in WordPress website are like broken links, double posts, not showing up when you hover over the WordPress logo on the dashboard. So let’s understand about these mistakes and how to fix them.

Basic errors in WordPress

Syntax errors- 

This error mainly shows when you add your website snippets code into WordPress.. Also happen if something unfortunately missed that causes these basic errors in WordPress website. When do this problem, you will see a notice like-

These error messages show the unexpected thing found in the code and location in line number. 

Solution in the basic errors in the WordPress website syntax errors- 

If you want to 100 % fixed this errors just follow these steps-

Step 1-Login your hosting cPanel

Step 2- Go to file manager

Step 3- Find out showing file named and right click open it

Step 4- Edit the number of file when showing errors

Step 5 Save changes and refresh your site 

Now you are able to see all file are better. That makes your site so attractive.

Internal server errors – 

This errors when showing you have knowledge on your website server encountered on misconfiguration that was unable to load your link. As a beginner, you will be confused as to what causes these errors on my website server errors 500 or “Internal server” “errors”.. Actually it is a confusing error because the server doesn’t show where its error is. .The server did not indicate where its problem was.

Solution the basic errors on WordPress website in Internal server errors-. In this situation you should these highlight thing-

  • Check your .htaccess file in your cPanel
  • Switch the default theme if you seeing 500 internal server errors
  • Memory limit increase
  • Deactivate all your plugins

All above are done to refresh your site. You may see all are perfectly done not showing the basic errors in WordPress website.

  • White screen of death- This is a plain result but no errors messages on showing you. It is critical to find because you have no clue to identify issues and what to do. Basically you see White screen of death in your WordPress website mainly because of the PHP limit. On the other hand, it happened due to configuration on the server. The basic errors in WordPress website may badly affect your website. 

Solution of White screen of death- Now we know how can fix the basic errors on WordPress website. Let’s go-

  • Go to your website dashboard -deactivated all your using plugins
  • Switch to WordPress theme
  • WordPress plugin and Browser cache clear
  • Increase memory limit
  • Checking file permissions
  • Check auto-update failed file
  • Restore a backup

 Then refresh your site and see if everything is alright. Now you are able to fix your site white screen of death errors.

Sidebar content errors- This is another common issue on WordPress websites that face a beginner developer or new owner in their website. When you appear below the content it is supposed to show the next content. This problem may be creating a WordPress theme.

Solution of sidebar content errors- Unfortunately a user adds snippets to their site, accidentally forgetting to remove html div tag or adding extra div on their site. In the result showing the break the theme layout. Now we see how can fix the basic errors in WordPress website.

  • Undo recent changes in WordPress theme
  • Find out WordPress braking the layout
  • Checking the CSS file moving the sidebar below content
  • Clear WordPress cache
  • Rules out WordPress plugins

Complete above one by one and check your website, All are completed your site must be fixed this errors.

Memory exhaust errors- This errors showing your website when some script or a plugin exhausts the default the allocated memory limit. Happen this problem in your site, you show this messages in your site.

Solution of the basic errors on WordPress website memory exhaust errors- First of all you need to edit the your wp-config.php file in your hosting root folder. Then you paste this code of line that says, the PHP file memory limit on this line 356. All are completed, you paste  then save changes and your wp-config.php file upload on your server. Now when you visit your site you can see that everything appears fine.

Login pages and redirect errors- This errors show because some users try to login your website dashboard, they are redirected to the website back to the login pages. It may be possible due to incorrect value or home url fields in your WordPress table options or may have happened to poor permalink configuration settings or redirect .htaccess file setup. 

Solution on the basic errors on WordPress website– If you need to know how Fixed this problem just follow these point-

  • Update WordPress URL setting
  • Resolve cookies to login issues
  • Delete .htaccess file in WordPress
  • Switch back to default theme
  • Deactivated all plugin

Then check your URL may fix your login page errors otherwise contact your hosting service provider and tell your problem they fixed your site errors.

Images upload errors- Sometimes a user suddenly notices his site all images are gone and showing broken images placeholders. In these situations you try to upload any images, all these files in the media  library will appear in the broken. It happens due to incorrect file or directory permission.

Solution of basic WordPress errors in your website– Go to your website dashboard just follow-

  • Refresh the pages
  • Resize the images
  • Renamed the images file
  • Deactivated theme and plugin
  • Increase PHP memory limit

Then you refresh your url on your site and maybe fix your errors.

Briefly unavailable scheduled errors- Basically due to unfinished or interrupted WordPress updates that cause showing these errors in your website.  These errors would lock down your entire site and make it unavailable for admin and visitors. Happen this errors you must try as soon as possible fixed it,

Solution to these errors- First of all you check your hosting site root directory folder. You try to update finished at a time. Always Update all plugins latest version. It may possibly upgrade your hosting to a good server.

Not sending Email errors- It is the most common problem in a shared hosting because your service provider disables or limits the module used for sending emails to release server abuse. That’s why you are not receiving any contact form or WordPress Email notification on your site.

Solution in this basic errors on WordPress website- In this situation you login your website dashboard then click plugin and follow these point-

  • Click add new plugin
  • Search WP MAIL SMTP plugin
  • Install and activated

Then setup sending WordPress emails using Sendinblue, it is the most popular email service provider. And setting up a subdomain in your website then adding this subdomain in your sending wordpress email sendinblue. All are done by refreshing your URL and you will be able to see all email in your site.

  • RSS feed errors
  • 403 forbidden errors
  • Redirect issues
  • Fatal errors
  • Facebook incorrect thumbnail errors
  • Login out issus
  • Media button not working properly
  • PHP errors
  • 502 Bad Gateway errors
  • 503 services unavailable
  • 504 Gateway time errors
  • 413 request entity large errors
  • 429 too many requests errors
  • Secure connection errors
  • Password reset errors
  • Missing temporary folder
  • Common SSL errors
  • File and folder permission errors
  • HTTP image upload errors
  • Connection is not private errors
  • Failed to load resources issues
  • Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS file
  • Troubleshooting WordPress errors

    Blog Conclusion:

    The best way to avoid these basic errors is to make sure that you are updating your WordPress website regularly. If you are not doing this, it is very likely that you will encounter these errors.

    Most of the WordPress website are built on a complex system of content and code, which is why errors occur all the time. However, basic errors can be found in any WordPress site, regardless of its complexity. In this article, we will show you how to fix common mistakes with WordPress plugins and themes.

    WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) used to manage a website. It has been considered as one of the most popular and reliable content management systems available on the internet today. In this article, we will be discussing some basic errors that can occur when building your WordPress website. Basic errors in WordPress website. The WordPress website is a very popular CMS (Content Management System) used by millions of websites across the world. The WordPress website runs on an extremely user-friendly frontend and backend system which makes it the most popular CMS platform in the world. It’s easy to work with and has a great range of features that makes it easy for users to manage their sites without any major problems. Mistakes made in WordPress site configuration and installation are not uncommon. Here is a list of basic errors which can ruin your WordPress website.

    1. Incorrectly written URLs – Some of these URLs do not work properly, so it will be hard for your visitors to find what they are looking for.
    2. Invalid or missing files – You may have files that are not functioning correctly or you may have links to outdated pages.
    3. Broken links – This is when some links do not function properly, which can cause visitors to get lost and/or confused about where they should go next.

    We all make mistakes and as WordPress has a huge user base, it is always possible to get a blog or website running on the wrong platform. A basic error in WordPress website could be one of the following: – The content of your page does not load properly  – Your page does not load at all – Your page does not load for certain devices like mobile phones, tablets or desktops – Your theme is outdated and you are still using the default one  – Some other errors related to your theme, plugins or plugins you have installed. It is always better to check these errors before you submit your article to search engines. Don’t forget that every time you publish an article on WordPress, there will be an auto.When you build a website with WordPress, it’s important to be aware of the most common mistakes that could cause your site to crash. If you’re new to WordPress, this post is a great place to start. What are some basic errors in WordPress website?

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    How can I fix these basic errors in WordPress website? The following are some of the errors you might find in your WordPress website.


    “Error 404 Not Found”

    This error is returned when a URL was not found on the server. It can also be generated by misconfigured Apache settings or by using an incorrect protocol (http:// instead of https://). This can happen when trying to access an .htaccess file that is either missing or placed outside of the document root directory, for example in /www/apache-extensions/.

    See how to fix this error.

    “WordPress database error!”

    This message indicates that there was a problem accessing your database and it will require manual intervention to resolve. For more information about what this means, see Troubleshooting: What does “WordPress database error!” mean?

    See how to fix this error.

    What are common WordPress security problems, and how do they happen?

    There are a few ways in which you can be hacked with WordPress.

    The first is by using a vulnerable plugin that the hacker found and exploit it to gain access to your site.

    The second way is through brute force attacks where the hacker tries every possible username and password combination until they get into your site.

    Finally, if you have been hacked then there are some things that you should check for as soon as possible such as removing old posts or blog posts that have sensitive information and make sure all of your passwords are strong and unique so hackers cannot break them easily.

    There has been a critical error on your site?

    • To fix this error, you need to install the latest version of PHP and update your WordPress installation.
    • There is also a manual way to fix this error if you are unable to install the latest version of PHP or update your WordPress installation.
    • If none of these work, you can contact our customer support team for help.

    “User error!”

    This message appears if there is a difference between the WordPress installation and your account name — such as when you create many sites with completely different usernames.

    See how to fix this error: SSH logins are not enabled for user [your email address] on your site . Try logging in again with the right username and password.

    This problem comes up more when you have a lot of WordPress installs on your site, so if you notice errors like these it’s good to eliminate as many false positives before any serious issue occurs.

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