JavaScript is a programming language that completely builds up a website. Starting as a web developer, you must learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. These are the fundamental aspects of a website. A designer makes a structure of a website using HTML and it is more stylish using CSS, that is a static website or a single page. JavaScript is a language that makes static websites fully dynamic. Then we search for something on Google website related or click any link, we see some changes in the case of JavaScript. 

JavaScript work basically controls the behavior of different elements. Nowadays maximum designers use JavaScript to make websites because it supports any modern browser, complex functionality and powerful features. 

JavaScript is the programming language that works as logic- based.  It can be used to modify a full website or different elements. JavaScript most commonly uses a call to action button, any confirmation boxes, adding information and more. 

More useable function on JavaScript

If you want to better understand how Javascript works, you need to know a few things. Now we show below, just follow attentively.

  • Variable

JavaScript is a simple name of a store location when including user address, more of strang data, an object, number, true or false function and more.  There are two kinds of variables. 

  • Local variable – It’s declared inside a variable that is an accessible block or function only.
  • Global variable-It declares any outside function that has an accessible window object function.

Using a JavaScript variable on any site or page you must follow some rules otherwise the variable doesn’t work.

  • The Name must Start with a letter(A-Z or a-z) and use underscore(-) or dollar sign.
  • Must remember JavaScript variables are case sensitive, a and A are totally work different 
  • After the First letter used digits (0-9

     So using variables is the most important part of a JavaScript language that makes your site dynamic.


  • Operators– Operator is the mathematical and logical components that perform some operation on one or multiple operants like data value and result of any kind of product.

Now we describe how an operator works in an example- When we include 2+3 here + is a sign of operation and 2 is the left side operant and 3 is the right side operant. The sign of + performs the addition of two numeric values and shows the results 5.

There are many kinds of operators like

  • String Concatenation
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Local Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Ternary Operator and more.

In the last point, it is said that declaring any kind of operator in your site uses logic or mathematical purposes so you need JavaScript Operators. 

  • Comments– JavaScript programming provides you the extra feature of code that includes the notes for you or others. Anyone can use JavaScript to easily write and recognize a single line or multiple comments for future purposes.

If you want to use comments in your code just write <!- – //your comment – – //> or */ . Comments JavaScript is a more useful thing for developers to be more readable and explain everything. There are two type of comments

  • Single line comments- JavaScript used to create a single line comment you need to types two // at the top or first position in your code.

When you press // in the font in your code all text to the right of the code will be ignored, until the next line. This is the most valuable of developers.

  • Multiple Line comments- When we write huge notes of single-line comments, this is the burden of code.

At this point, I need to create multiple line comments. Using JavaScript multiple line comments just type /*your comments*/ . 

This code is important because this feature can be used to debug any code to find locations that fix bugs quickly. 

  • Conditionals

Conditional statements to control the value of the function and detiremine of code can run to show a return result. It used to dedicate the excursion based on different conditions.

There are mainly 3 types of condition that show below-

  • If conditions- when you want to execute something based on some condition that is called if conditions. 
  • Else conditions- When you want the code to execute every time showing evaluates to false. Ele statement must follow if and Else if statements. Else use if you want two conditions and execute a different set of code.
  • Else -if conditions- When you want to check more than two conditions then you use Else if statements code.
  • Functions

JavaScript provides the most similar scripting language and programming function. This is the fundamental block of JavaScript code that gives you a unique function name, lists of parameters, statements block and more. 

JavaScript mainly to advanced features that are Code reusability and Less coding. Also, JS functions have return statements that require a value of function. JavaScript includes huge functions in their specialty that provide a website more responsive. 


Basically, as a designer more use these things to be more unique and gorgeous any site. Also,  JavaScript provides you with Secure password creation, Interactive game, Animations creation, Check forms, Special effects, Mobile App, HTML documents scripts, and more. JavaScript is always a forcing point in your website interactive. It is an important part of Website development.

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