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Theme is the most important part of a website if you use a Content Management System. Basic work totally complete with a theme that defines what looks like your website structure. If you want to create a WordPress website for your Blog, you must choose a fully customizable, mobile friendly and most usable theme.

Choosing the right WordPress theme can be one of the hardest and most daunting tasks you ever have to undertake. It can be confusing, and it can be downright scary. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make the right choice!

How to select the best theme for a blog?

In today’s world, people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd and get the most recognition, you need to have a great, eye-catching design. With the crazy amount of different types of blogs out there, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you choose the best one for you.

When you find free theme for your website you must follow these steps that we are recommending-

  1. Find out responsive and mobile friendly design

  2. Getting SEO and user accessible

  3. Make sure theme contently updated

  4. Cross-browser compatibility

  5. Consider customization options

  6. Choosing before a theme see customer review and rating

  7. Ensure theme are translation and multilingues supports

  8. Capabilities of major page builder 


What are the best 5 blog theme for wordpress website

When you find these in your choosing theme, now you can use it to build up your website. We show 5 best, most popular blogging themes for your help.



It is a most popular WordPress multipurpose theme that always has a unique design, SEO based and speeds up your site. Also it offers you a huge demo website for you if you don’t want scratch design.Astra is the fastest and lightweight WordPress theme that you can fully customize as you need. 

      Best Feature of WordPress theme Astra, lets go to know-

  • It is the fastest and latest speed your website-When anyone clicks your website link it opens just a moment that enjoys your traffic.  

  • Gorgeous design out of the box- Astra provided a unique design that makes your site more attractive and so gorgeous.

  • Easy access to admin interface, it is so clean

  • SEO friendly

  • Ready for woocommerce and other latest plugins

  • Comfort any page builder

      Pos of Astra theme

  • Astra theme is most compatible major page builder

  • Huge demo site are available in this gallery

  • Free and pro theme available, that’s most are amazing(Pro theme price is very affordable)

  • Astra is build in design

  • Fast website theme with minimalist effort

  • Easy to make it professional

     Cons of Astra theme

  • Blog page style is basic

  • Free version is very limit

  • Very basic style comment section and archive

  • When you add affiliate link it may be banned

  • Astra support response time is very high


If you need, you can download a fully free Astra theme for your website. Just click here-


Astra theme free forever and most usages theme in the world. Every theme has pros and cons but Astra gives you malti unique  services that help you grow your site without critical situations. So we recommended to use Astra for your blogging website

2.Ocean wp-

 It is the most popular responsive theme that can use any kind of personal blog or ecommerce stores. That you provide 7 free extensions for post slider, sidebar, social icons and more. Ocean wp theme gives you all devices responsive to your website. Free pre-build demos ready.


          Best feature of Ocean wp theme

  • Responsive design for mobile devices

  • Lot of different header images options

  • Importable demo site that can pre-build

  • Free extensions

  • Comfortable with WordPress page builder

  • Woocommerce comfort for ecommerce 

           Pros of Ocean wp theme

  • Beginner friendly

  • Speed up theme

  • Responsive design

  • Hook integrate

  • Comfort ecommerce

  • Integrate content controls

          Cons of Ocean wp theme-

  •  Many plugins are recommended

  • Too poor speed because many advertisement in free version 

  • Slow compared with other theme

  • Default style dated

  • Cache error

      Click here to get Ocean wp theme for free-



One of the most usable themes is Divi that has 85000 + customers in the world 85000+ customers. It provides you free and premium services that are easier to use, just drag and drop. It’s calls a services unlimited package that includes all solutions in WordPress. Divi works very perfectly any elements.

Best feature of Divi theme

  • Full width functionality

  • Global color and setting

  • Increase usability 

  • Include typography

  • Add background and border sections

  • Updated footer and widget styles and more

            Pros of Divi theme-

  • Drag and drop page builder that make easy to build your website

  • No limitations(use it unlimited website) 

  • Divi offer lifetime deal

  • If you have coding skills divi is amazing for you

  • Divi use clean and interactive interface

            Cons of this theme-

  •   It’s not easy to use

  • Not comfort some WordPress plugins    

  • Use code that negative impact SEO

  • Tough to migrate another theme

  • Customization overload

       If you need Divi for your blog,here you can download. 

Just click-


4. Neve-

Neve is an excellent WordPress theme that can help a professional website without technical skills. It gives you a unique demo that you can use on click import in your site. Divi uses the easiest way as a beginner and SEO friendly theme. It is very easy for AMP and ideas for marketers.

 Features of Neve theme-

  • Easy to use 

  • Gutenberg support

  • One page theme

  • Responsive design

  • Real time customization

  • Woocommerce comfort with ecommerce store

Pros of theme-

  • Fully AMP optimization

  • Responsive design

  • Highly expandable design

  • Super fast speed

  • Use without page builder

  • Use free and premium version those provide great services


Cons of Neve-

  • Limited color customization for free version

If you get free Neve theme for your blog, click here-


5. Histia-

Hisita it is a woocommerce friendly theme that can be used without coding knowledge. It provides you with lots of customization options and designs for your business with a beautiful layout. You can design any kind of change that stays up lifetime. Using Hestia theme you can customize color, font, design or any kind you need.

Now we know more about future Hestia theme with my blog purposes

  •  SEO friendly

  • Gutenberg ready

  • Retina and translation work properly

  • Elementor page builder or using drag and drop 

  • One click updated

  • Woocommerce integration

Pros of Hestia –

  • Live edit options

  • Powerful front page options

  • Customizable

  • Advance customization Elementor usages

  • SEO friendly and WPML support

Cons of this theme-

  • Limited color options with free version

  • Recommended many plugin

  • Many disadvantages compared other theme

Need a Hestia theme? Why let, get one click-




How to select best theme for blog


In conclusion, wordpress themes are easy to use and are great for people who want to start their own blog website. They can help save time and money and are perfect for beginners who don’t have a lot of experience with website design.

All themes are better on various sides but some disadvantages have all themes. We recommend you to use the theme that is most popular, user friendly, SEO friendly and more. Which you customize easily and build your design without critical situations..All recommend features available that theme you can use for your website. Important part of building up a website is choosing the best theme, it provides a structure for your website. 

 In summary, The best themes are the one that fits your taste and requirements. The theme makes a blog look presentable and eye-catchy. Therefore, choose the one that suits your needs and gives your blog a professional look.


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