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Overview of chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program that connects anyone with their Digital devices like computers, laptops, mobile, and more. It helps to communicate with anyone with their purposes. Chatbot always provides a simple interface that is responsive to a single line.

Chatbots reach many people by text created by web applications, and this works like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Twitter, and more systems. This chatbot works as B2C business-related customer services.

Key learning terms from this article:

  • A complete overview of WordPress chatbot
  • Types of Chatbots
  • Benifits to use customize Chatbots
  • Chatbot customization Process

What are the different types of Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that works as a human to market your business and make more sales to connect visitors and contact them instantly. There are many kinds of chatbots in the online sector. Here I include these for your knowledge.

Works based chatbots are defined 4 types that like

  1. The business growth – To build a successful business, here include a chatbot that helps to improve your sales and marketing on your website. In your needs on your business website, you must choose the best chatbots that work perfectly. Now I share the best proper chatbot name that you can use on your business website. 

These chatbots are-

  • Support Chatbots
  • Assistant Chatbots
  • Skilled Chatbots
  1. Basic Artificial intelligence is a basic AI that includes any categories to help connect visitors and include basic information. Some basic Artificial Intelligence include here-
  • Scripted Chatbots
  • Smart AI bots
  • Transcriptional chatbots
  1. Complexity – These chatbots are the most important because they increase user experience. Also, this Chatbot works to satisfy your clients by presenting a unique way to attract your product and behaviors. Now I include some chatbot that works to provide complexity on your website.
  • Button based chatbots
  • Contextual chatbots
  • Keywords based chatbots
  1. Modern technology is the most popular chatbots area that helps any website grow its audience and reach targeted sales on its needs. Like this technology chatbots includes –
  • Cade based chatbots
  • DIY chatbots

On the other hand, some people believe that chatbots are 3 types. That like-

  1. Simple Chatbots
  2. Smart chatbots
  3. Hybrid Chatbots 

If having more types of chatbots in the online platform, everything is useful or more particular sections. This is an important part of a website to connect visitors instantly. 

Tips for creating enjoyable Chatbot for wordpres website

Here I will share some tips to create more responsive and necessary information to provide your clients or visitors.

  • Select the best chatbots platform – Chatbots are an important part of connecting targeted audiences, so when you use this on your website, choose responsive and more feature-able chatbots. Because chatbots work automatically without humans, select the best effective chatbots on your website that successfully targets.
  • Indicate Chatbots roles and objects – Chatbots work perfectly when you indicate the exact direction to provide services. So important parts of setting up chatbots roles and objects.
  • Set up specific attention to pay – Include a unique feature to attract your visitors. Look at other related website chatbots outside and see their providing features. Then you include some quality full sections that exactly want maximum clients.
  • Must be simple and user-friendly – Using chatbots that must be simple and responsive to any device. It helps to find clients’ needed things on your website.
  • Make sure to test quick responses- Add chatbots on your website, first of all, to check up on chatbots’ responses. You send some messages and count down what time really to send feedback. It should not be over 1 minute cause anyone will not stay on your dealy website. So must test this on your platform.
  • Create a chatbot by hiring a professional person. The Chatbot is customized one time that works every time to increase user experiences, audience engagement, and sales. In that case, when you feel the need to use chatbots on your website, you should hire a professional chatbots expert who can set up the right way chatbots on your website.
  • Secure chatbots aesthetic – Ensure security process on your chatbots to more secure clients and your informative information that make you so tractable.
  • Clear concept of Bot system – Using before have to clear ideas to all processing systems on selected chatbots. It helps to set up perfectly without any hesitation.
  • Deep knowledge of using the right elements – Every chatbots platform includes huge features to catch many clients on their systems. So you have to have proper knowledge choosing chatbots. Make sure 

You follow these before creating a chatbot for you or your clients that so benefited from this article. 

Benefits of using chatbots

When anyone uses something before ensuring his needed points, then include these elements. Every business, personal or other website adds chatbots to do full quality service that works smoothly and fulfills your target. Here showing some benefits of chatbots to know more about chatbots-

  • Using chatbots on your website helps to save both time and money.
  • Chatbots work smoothly to increase user engagements on your website that helps to create possibilities to improve your website.
  • It helps to improve your website response rate.
  • Chatbots describe a good site on your product and other elements to attract unique features. So chatbots can motivate clients that make more sales.
  • Instantly connect viewers- When anyone clicks your website to find something, chatbots guide them to help find exact information, product, or services. So clients feel very comfortable visiting this type of website.
  • Improve user experience – When you can provide exact and quality services on time with instruction, at this point, your clients are satisfied and positive on your website. That helps to improve the user experience.
  • Chatbots involves making customer expectation.
  • 24/7 ready to provide support for any need. 
  • Chatbot makes up for your lack of Consultancy and more.

This article describes chatbots that clear your concept. So stay here to learn more about chatbots. If you want to set up a chatbot by python, you will see my previous article; there include advanced chatbots features and a complete process to build up a unique chatbot. Read –How to create chatbot by python coding.

WordPress platforms provide you with extra features to connect audiences. That’s why every business chooses chatbots on their business sites for increased user experience, more sales, connected targeted leads, and more.

  • Crisp
  • Chat widget
  • Live chat
  • Help Desk
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Zendex
  • WordPress

Now I will show you Crispi Chatbot’s complete customization process and strategic tips so that you can get a complete overview from the selection-install-customization and final steps messaging system. 

Why you need chatbot customization?

When you use custom chatbots on your business website, you get many features that help to improve your business. That, slike-

  1. Cost-effective marketing process- If you use chatbots and live chat on your business website, it may be free or paid. When using this free on your site, that helps your business without fees, and when using this paid, it helps you by on-time pay, but all time, these methods try to improve your company revenues.
  1. More engagement to qualified leads- Chatbot always works in a tricky way that helps a more unique and wanted person on your business sales.
  1. Looks faster- Business processing systems are not easy to connect to any person in a short time but using chatbots on your business website provides a little time for conversations with customers by filling up forms. That can make it so easy to connect with any person without waiting. Chatbots help to increase your experiences.
  1. Ensure round-the-clock availability- When anyone wants to talk about your business services for their purposes, they want to contact you, but they don’t wait 1 or 2 hours for your reply. At this point, they look to another company to get the same services that they provide. A custom chatbot provides any needed information that your clients want then notice you. It helps you to your clients that helps to catch your wanted person and get more sales.
  1. Don’t provide supervision every time- A custom chatbot works without human supervision. Why no need to pay anyone to process this system. Custom chatbots work automatically to direction.

 If you want to add the most popular chatbot ‘’Cripsi’’ chatbots in your WordPress then follow our expert structural instructions. Let’s walk through how to customize and send a welcome message.

So here is the customization process, after reading this customization process you can redesign your Chatbot for your website.

Chatbot customization process for WordPress website

Here I share with you the entire customization process of the Crisp chatbot that you get the free and paid version. Now I show how to customize the Crisp chatbot free version to start your business.

First of all, you need to create an account on Crisp.com. Just click this link to create an account for your website in crisp. Open this link on a new tab, then click Use Crisp for free.

Click this link and open a form on this site to fill up the correct information.

Fill up the form then click the continue button. Then open a box here including the Company name and website.

Continue button click and select your website icon and checkbox color then click continue button.

The output of this process like this-

Select all of these processes correctly and you will be able to see this message on your browser.

Here click WordPress, it redirects your WordPress admin area like-

This process completes in this section click up to continue and set up. If you don’t like this process you can do it on your dashboard. 

When you connect a crisp chatbot on your website, First of all, you need to go to your WordPress website dashboard then go to the plugins section on your website. Install this Crisp plugin on your website in this direction.

  1. Plugin section click add new button
  2. Search box type Crisp
  3. Select and Install
  4. Activated

Completed the installation process of this Crisp chatbot then click connect on crisp on your WordPress website. Now you are successfully connecting on your website with a crisp chatbot. Here you click the Crisp setting on your dashboard. Then click go to my inbox and see these setting options.

In this section, you will add all features to your need. If you want to add your profile picture, username, password, and more. Just click setting and go to Account 

Someone does not click the chat option on your website but a crisp chatbot helps this process to connect these people. Just click visitors here and you see all kinds of visitor information and location. Here you connected these visitors with chat.

Here you see a chatbox on your crisp account and send any message and receive your visitors. This is very useful to your website, and it has some cool features.

If you want to set up automatically message on your website, just set up this on a crisp dashboard,

it works when anyone visits your website. Someone on your site you want to say how can I help you? 

Like this message. On your crisp, click on dashboard, go to the plugin, and click triggers. Click new triggers and turn on them. Scroll Down and click Show a message and enable the button. Set up your needed message here and add a message. Here you set up a time delay when you show this message to anyone who visits your website. Then Save tigger and complete this process. 

If you want to add additional help to reply to a live chat here, you can add more people who can respond to this live chat. Just click on your website name on crisp.

Click here and add operator, showing up a box here including what kind of role you wanted to create. Just click the member and their Email and click the invite operator. Then send an invitation via email.

If you want to set up your live chat online to complete this process just follow this. Go to your Crisp setting and click Availability and enable availability schedules and set up time. That always shows online. 

Following this instruction and completing these processes you will benefit from this article to deep knowledge chatbot and add your business website or more. Have any questions just comment on this box. 

At last,

I think it’s enough to customize a chatbot for the WordPress website, If you still think there need to add more information so please tell me through comments. I believe a greater conversation rate would be a great solution.

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