Classes & Object- Orinted programming laguage in Python

Classes & Object- Orinted programming laguage in Python

In this article, you will learn the core functionality of Python object-oriented and creating & using python classes. 

A python is an object that works with its properties and values. Python programming language underclass is used as a blueprint or contractor to build an object. This content helps you know more about Python object-oriented and its classes programming languages.

Always Class provides all kinds of variables and functions in objects. Class is an important part of declaring an object. 

Key Points of this contents

  • -What is ClassClass, and what do you do using Class?
  • -How to create a class and work using a class in Python?
  • -Object inherent using class to another using instance()
  • -What is an Object and explain this?
  • -How to create an object?
  • -Deleting attribute an object

Definition Classes & Object- Oriented programming language in Python

What is classes oriented programming language?

Python class is a template that uses code for objects. Here, including points, all objects have member variables and connect with members. When you want to declare a class, you need to provide an instance.


 Instance = class(arguments)

What is object-oriented programming language?

Object-Oriented programming language is structuring a program that can build related properties and values in objects. Python objects are the same as how it works. 

An object contains data as preprocess materials, steps like an action assembly line, behavior that components its performance.


We can think of “class” like a school, here they include all kinds of things that need to continue school. That’s like a classroom, bench, chair, table, library, etc. When you want to create a school, you need all this. Creating a school is the main of your target. Here school is an object.

Creating process of python class

When you want to create a class for your website or software or game development, you declare class keywords in a .py file.

Now I show you to create a class by using Python-

class Your Class:


print(Your Class)

The output of these Classes that shown below-

<class ’_main_Yourclass’>

Following this process, you are able to create many kinds of classes without facing any problems.

Accessing attribute in Class

Sometimes you need to access object attributes that can help you include some important information. At this point, you need to declare the dot(.) operator in your current working object. This dot helps you to access any variable in your object.

Follow my instruction to create an access attribute-



print(“Total Student % d” % Student.student

Print this code; then, you include all information of your student that shows a table structure.

NOTE: Somehow you need to add an instant attribute; then, you add this under your Class.

Follow this NOTE instruction

  1. getattr(obj, name [default value])
  2. setattr(obj, name, value)
  3. hasattr(obj, name)

Creating Object by using Python

Now we create an object by using the above example(YourClass). First of all, we create an object that is named X1 then we print this value of the object.

Class YourClass :

a = 14

X1= YourClass()


The output of the object -14

Here you may understand how I figure out the exact result of object.

Deleting attribute an object 

When you create an attribute anytime, it can be the same if you delete it anytime. Here you need to call del statements.

Here I show you how to delete any simple attribute process-

stu1=StudentNumber(11, 12)

del stu .imag


Trackback (most recent number):

AttributeErrors:’StudentNumber’ object has no attribute’ image.’

del StudentNumber.get_data


Trackback(most recent number):

AttributeError:StudentNumber’ object has no attribute ‘get_data’

Overview of Python object-oriented and classes in the programming language

# Including Class to make user define exact 

# Class Variable declared to define outside any class variable

# add data member to get instant result

# Create an instance variable 

# Using inheritance to divert one Class to another class

# Using Methods to define special functions

# Targeting class variable and instance variable that provides a structure an Object

In this article I included points, all kinds of python Objects and classes, follow my instructions. Am sure you will be able to create all kinds of Classes and objects related to works that can be used by all permitted members and be able to change the name of including Class.

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