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Most Common Bad SEO practices in 2022

What is bad SEO Practices?

Bad SEO is the unethical, outdated and out-of-guidelines SEO strategy of Google search engine. Bad SEO is also known as Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO, Wrong SEO, Outdated SEO, Short-cut SEO overall a full mistake SEO strategy.

What Are The Most Common Bad SEO Practices?

  • Low-Value Content

Low-value content has no demand of Google search engine. Also if you always do publish low-value content Google will punish you for a long time. Some of proven low-value content strategies are:-

  • Spinning Content
  • Data Scraping
  • Using Auto-Generated Content writing Tools
  • Trasalated/transcibing content
  • Irrelevant topic Content
  • Unethically Increasing DA DR

Today in the market many website owners increase DA DR by redirecting or by link firms. Redirecting links and huge PBN types backlinks can be reasons of Google penalty. So don’t buy DA DR increasing service at lower prices.

  • Irrelevant internal linking

Internal linking is good foe SEO but irrelevant internal linking can be reason for downranking. You have to add value of content than focus related topic internal linking. Internal linking helps Google bot to understand your main keyword and secondary keywords so fast so focus also secondary keyword-related internal linking so your article will be indexed soon.

  • Low-quality backlinks

Many link firms sell very cheap rates and low-quality content for websites If you want long-lasting ranking so please avoid these types of low-value backlinks. PBN backlinks, Guest posting backlinks, Low-value forum posting links, Comments links and auto-generated links are very harmful to a good website.

  • Selling irrelevant or low-quality links

If you can’t balance inbound and outbound links on the website you will face Google manual action penalty. If Google bot can catch your site is selling links, low-value links, or irrelevant links then your site can be punished.

  • Over-optimization

Over-optimization for Google quick ranking is a very bad SEO practice because when Google can understand you are trying to influence Google ranking bad way it will harm your website’s SEO positions.

  • Copy-paste image

Copy-paste image is not high risk but if you want the best result you have to design new image in a unique design. Either many websites selling copywriting free images, and you can buy these images also.

Keyword density means how many times you used your main keyword in the content. Many SEO experts frequently times said many rules but actually, there have no guidelines in Google to use keywords in the content. So don’t be bothered just focus on natural appearance main keyword in the content.

  • Trying to influence Google ranking

If Google bot understands you are misusing Google SEO guidelines such as misused of Snippets, Outbound links guidelines, Content guidelines, doing keyword stuffing, unnatural keywords and overall black hat SEO techniques then Google can hold your site indexing. 

  • Slow page speed

Slow page speed is would be a major reason of move new users because visitors don’t have huge time for giving only to you, they want just their query answer. For that reason, you need to speed up your web pages and continuously keep updated so that your visitors love to browse your website.

Why you should not use bad SEO techniques?

  • Bad SEO will be reason for Google’s manual action penalty
  • Increase bad user experience
  • Website will be long time down the ranking
  • Loss of traffic
  • No return visitor will come to your website again
  • Your site can be accused of phishing or scam site
  •  If you follow bad SEO ultimately your website has no value of any search engine

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