Common image issues

Any website to build up your relevant purposes you must need to upload images to your site. So this is the important part of a website build up or standard. You have to need everyday uplands images but at a time you may not be able to properly set up your images in your site because of common issues in WordPress images. Showing any images on your website not only slows down your website but also affects your audiences. This is the most affected area in conversion rate on your website. 

WordPress comes with a rich suite of images editing and management features that you should pay attention to when uploading any images on your website. 

Now we discuss all common issues and how to fix these problems on your website. You want to upload your images on your site without facing any problem just follow these. 

  1. Uploading images issues on your website- You will not want to upload images always stress free on your site. Sometimes you face a pop up error on your screen when you add an image on your site. 

If you want to upload images without these errors just follow this step when you upload any images on your site libraries. 

  • Go to WordPress dashboard 
  • Click add media
  • Select media liberties or paste images URL
  • Here you see some editing options on right side on screen
  • Add images name, caption, alter, description, images link targets and more

Upload images following these may not show these errors on your site and upload any image without common image issues.


2.Common image issues on duplicate feature images-  Feature images are the important part of a website post page or custom post type. How to look at feature images completely depends on your using theme. So here you are careful when selecting a theme for your website, mainly feature images option including your theme otherwise you can’t upload any feature images on your website. Here you must know to include a feature without a post published. Your theme includes a feature post then you can use it in an easy process. Many users upload the same image in the post page and feature image that’s why they realize the two images on their website. So be careful when using feature images on your website.


3. Set up images alignment- As a new WordPress developer he did not find images alignment like left, right, center to set up images. Don’t worry this is not a problem because when you select an image on your site the toolbar will appear above it. Here you select your needed alignment and you do not face common issues on WordPress website.


4. Adding caption – If you want to add a caption on your website new images, upload images or insult media library images, you see the caption option on the website right bar then process the text and update on the website. When you proper using these you are stress free common image issues.


5. Missing post thumbnails on common image issues- Always WordPress posts include a feature image that symbolizes your writing. When you edit a post you will see the feature images on bottom on the page. Select the feature image on your site then upload an image. WordPress resized the image to fit for thumbnails.

Images can improve your site user experiences and increase the visibility of content on search engine results. Any WordPress owner or developer must have an idea of perfect images in his site because of images to engage readers on your site. So you must be serious when you upload any images and follow image upload rules to avoid common image issues on your website.

WordPress gives you an easy process to upload photos and manage it in a simple way. Include this feature in WordPress drag and drop, crop and customize, create amazing photo galleries and more.

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