When you input the URL of any websites after accessing what you are seeing: A landing page, Content, different links and design with several web pages. So a website is a combination of several website pages which may include web host, address, homepage, design, navigation, and contents.

What is a website?

A web page is a document made up of many characters and images that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Many web pages have created a website that means Website is a related set of web pages that are located within a domain name of a single person or organization. Example of a website: https://www.google.com/



Types of website?

Basically 2 types of websites in the world.

  1. Static-Static website is a web page which creates HTML and CSS combining many characters or images. Showcase transports  the dynamic content into static web pages which control so easily.
  1. Dynamic- A Dynamic Website is a website made up of variable information or interactive web pages which updates frequently made by Javascript, PHP, ASP.Net, Perl etc. 

Best 8 Popular website In world

***There are many kinds of website in the world 8 most popular website show below-

1.Business Website- The business website is a website representing the branding of a business on the Internet. In order to expand and expand the business field, you can do the work of marketing from the comfort of your own website. It’s include modernity, public including perception, customer services and much more things which makes trustworthy in customer case. Business websites can help a business an attractive and successful way to advertise their products. A Business website should these feature wise

  • Briefly describe your Focusing point of your business.
  • Always ready to answer inquiries of any customer of your business.
  • Showing exact product description, plan & price, testimonial in your service.
  • Include contact details for your customer to contact your online business without stress.

 Example of Business Website:https://finance.yahoo.com/



2.e-Commerce Website-An e-Commerce website is an online product or service selling platform which sells any product using one or more payment gateway. No tension to buy any product, this can be done anywhere or any time without a call, just fill up the contact form and choose your product and purchase it. It’s really amazing as a virtual shopping site. eCommerce website must be include-

  • User-friendly, helpful filter system and Search option.
  • Call-to-Action button and email marketing interrogation.
  • Include a fully functional system.

 Example of e-Commerce Website:https://best.aliexpress.com/


3.Blog/ Personal website-Blogs or personal blogs are places for sharing any kind of news you want such as daily life, updates or online news, individual opinion and much more. Nowadays many bloggers promote their personal product selling and  branding in their blogging site. At all a blog website works anywhere if you want. A personal website basically include these section-

  • Express the content of the header and unique tone of niche.
  • Main content area access to post.
  • Related sidebar navigation to main content.
  • More informative information include blog website footer.

Example of Personal Blog Website:https://firstsiteguide.com/


4.Social media Website- It allows users to share virtually their  thoughts, ideas and informative content  quickly, basically focusing on community based interaction. Social media website makes 100% user friendly and easily accessible plateform. Most popular Social-Media websites are Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Professional platform Linkedin and much more. 

5.Educational Website- Educational website provides a unique online platform teaching system. It’s represented as a virtual tutor offering distance learning and know more about informative information. 

A Educational Website must define-

  • Offer unique way to track progress to help user engegment
  • Search feature options include so that users can easily find specific skills of their need.
  • Always post interesting and informative content.

Example of Educational Website:https://www.instructure.com/


6.Online portfolio/ CV website-Online portfolio website is a Showcase Professional Skills and preview work to attract relevant buyers, improving personal brand reputation and creativity. Including sector a Online portfolio website-

  • Unique and Clean Design as you a Designer, Feature Photo as you a Photographer and something else.
  • Showing your previous buyer comment on your providing services and your Skills& Expertises.
  • Add your Social-media account to your site so that clients find you an easier way. 

Example of Online portfolio website:https://kotki.co/



7.News/ Magazine Website- News websites publish news in the world events to the public and its contents are always textual and visualized. It is the best platform to engage the audience. You can post any kind of article without heavy cost. News/Magazine website should have including these-

  • Attractive landing page and differences of sector.
  • Includes clean and iconic font , colour and photo thumnail.
  • Involve high quality relevant content to target audience.

Example of News website:


8. Non-profit/NGO Website-It’s represent a non-profit organization such as heritase charity, medical research charity. Non-profit website basically worked for social improvement and benefited, likely including how to make donations and applying funding.

Good quality of non-profit website-

  • Offer individuals organization and business to involved
  • Basic data collected to the problem to hand.
  • Providing facilities for donating funds.

Example of non-profit website:https://muslimcharity.org.uk/


Important Of Website

As a businessman you need a standard website for your online marketing platform because nawadays 93% of business deals are completed on online platforms. If you have a shop, you need a website to market or advertise a website to sell a huge product in these pandemic situations. If you try hard without a website you sell 7% of products. That’s not enough to demand your business, in these situations you need a website to promote your services. If you are a freelancer I mean website designer you need a website to show your skill and preview projects which will  make you trustworthy to your new clients that will help you get a lot of projects. You are a writer, you want to see your article everyone then you create a blog website to your passion. In the same way every professional sector must have a website for their purposes. At present, it isn’t possible for any organization or individual to run a professional life or business  without a website. The most important part of a website is that once you  invest in it, the website continues to work for your business forever.

How to make money from online?


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