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Configuration of Wordfance website security plugin

Wordfence is a popular WordPress website security helper that works as a threat researcher, security analytics, software manager, and support, including members and more.

Every day, 500+ website startup WordPress CMS platforms that are the entire website 14.7% world of top websites. That needs to include the best security systems on every WordPress website. 

Benefits of using Wordfence web security plugin on your WordPress website

  • Wordfence provides you with Login security that helps to make the site secure.
  • Provide a Malware Scan system.
  • Including a firewall system on your WordPress website.
  • Added ReCaptcha to safe automated attract.
  • Centralized management.
  • Give additional tools.
  • Avoid including danger and null themes and plugins or codes.
  • Secure your IP access that controls this area.
  • Ensure XML protection WordPress website.
  • Instant team support at any problem on your site.
  • Get free and premium at this time and more.

Wordfence is very helpful for any website to be secure. I used this plugin on my website and recommended you to use this on your WordPress website to make any unexpected things safer.

How to install and Configuration of Wordfence website security plugin?

First, you need to install and activate the Wordfence security plugin under your WordPress website.

If you don’t know how to install a plugin on WordPress, see my previous article to know the installation process of any plugins. Here including this – Click here to learn the installation process of plugins.

Activation complete of wordfence plugin under WordPress, here you add a new menu label under admin bar and click here that redirect your Wordfence setting dashboard area. 

Here you can see all features of the Wordfence plugin area that means IP blocking, total attracts, security notices, failed login access, and more. 

Wordfence setting decorated its services with a perfect processing system that helps make any site customize Wordfence so easily.

Let’s get started to customization of using Wordfence website security plugins –

Step#1: Customization Login security

First, you need to click the wordfence plugin dashboard and go to Basic under Option; here, you enable your needed thing and check the marked box.

Enable all features then set up your login strong passwords, set up limited login access, add two factor authentication and more that help to login security your WordPress website. 

Wordfence always forces the admin and author to block out users after many login attempts on the website. Here you include five times to login and then block that IP. 

All changes are completed then you click the Save Change button and are able to successfully set up and secure your WordPress Login process.

Step#2: Scanning your WordPress website by Wordfence

# Go to Wordfence dashboard

# Click Scan and click start a Scan

# Then Wordfence open WordPress all file sizes and find out irrelevant thing under WordPress like (malicious code, backdoors, danger section, and more)

# Completed scanning process workforce shows you total site results.

# Having any suspicious code or corrupted file that shows your eye corner and direction, you can fix this on your website.

Step#3: Set up security alert

# Go to wordfence dashboard then click option section

# Clicking the option section scroll down until the find out Alerts section

# Alerts selection you enable your needed thing but don’t enable Lost Passwords section(Note- when you enable this section that case spamming your inbox)

# All finished in this section so you are successfully set up your WordPress website security.

Step#4 : Monitoring suspicious activity and IP block

# Go to Wordfence the click Live Traffic page(here you see all IP address lists where your website login)

# See unknown IP here and want to Block this on your website click Blocking section

# Blocked unknown IP

Step#5 : Enable advanced setting and tools

# Click Wordfence 

# Go to Options section

# Needed thing Enable and unnecessary thing disable just mark this like (Scan, advance setting, alerts and more)

# Then click Tools 

# Check all users use strong passwords

# If you use the premium version of the Wordfence plugin, you will set up two-factor authentication on your site.

Pros of Wordfence security plugin

  • Works automatically to show up any kinds of security notifications
  • Include total open-source section
  • Unknown IP automatically detected and blocked
  • Include all features into the free version

Cons of Wordfence security plugin

  • Only paid customers get automatically scan threats
  • Decrease website Speed
  • All useless plugin DDoS attracts

Overview of Wordfence web security plugin set up

# Install and Activate Wordfence plugin

# Access Plugin dashboard

# Config dashboard all section

# View and customize farewell section

# Set up two factors authentication

# Preview additional tool

Hopefully, you can learn this article how to configure the Wordfence website security plugin under your WordPress website. See my other content here to know more about WordPress website security-related topics. I include a security plugin that helps to save your WordPress website any unexpected things. See this Guideline of WordPress website Security.

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