Content Indexing problem and solution

Although I was in a bad mood till morning. The reason for the good and the bad is the post index issue.

Those bloggers understand what it feels like to not have a Google Post Index. I haven’t had a post index on any of my sites for the past 1 month. At first it seemed normal, but as the days went by my worries increased.

At one point I went after the site in frustration. Sometimes I feel like quitting blogging. Because even after writing a high quality 100% unique article, the post index would not happen. I set up Instant Index and approved Google News. I shared the post in different places. Nothing happened. My post went unknown to Google Search Engine!


I suffered a lot. Even if I lose my girlfriend, no one suffers as much as Google gave me! . Anyway, there are no words in the fruit of patience?

I was patiently looking for a solution on how to post an index.

Yesterday I suddenly told my brother Mosaddek Ali Millad about my troubles. Brother wanted a site link. I gave. After a while he called me on messenger and told me the detailed problem of the site and its correct solution. I did exactly what I was told to you last night.

Alhamdulillah, it was over within 2 hours of posting the new one this afternoon. Then I made another post that was also indexed.


I’m happy to see who! I was very excited. I got work speed several times more than before. What was the suggestion for post indexing? That is what I will tell you today in the light of my experience InshaAllah.

Why not post an index?

I am posting on the site regularly. But there is no name,there is no clue to be indexed. The reasons for this problem are given below.

Major Reason for Indexing of WordPress Website

1. Unnecessary image in the header of the site or having demo ad through ad plugin

2. Copy paste post stay.

3. Using crack, null, GpL themes.

4. Proper internal links in the post do not have external links.

5. Do not use images inside the post

6. Not submitting sitemap correctly to the search console.

7.Not social sharing

8.It would be better for you to go Google Search Console Coverage Options and see any errors or issues.

9. Site authority is low.

10. Use low quality hosting.


Recently I have faced so many problems with indexing any of my content. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.Ways to Index Post Quickly.


If you are still thinking!!!


After reviewing my site, he asked me to solve that problem. And the ones that started post indexing right after the problem was solved are.

How to index new content in Google Search Consol

1. I first removed the site from the search console. I have deleted the property from the search console.

2. I am deleting / deactivating all the plugins on the site.

3. I have deleted all the browsing history of my phone + PC.

4. I have removed the previous theme and used a new free theme (hitmag).

5. I have only installed the most essential plugins.

6. I have set up a new search console and added a site map.

7. I am setting up a new instant index.

8. I have done the internal + external link of the post properly

9. I have made a new post.

10. After waiting for two hours, I checked the search console and saw that the good news was that the green light was on. Alhamdulillah, my post has been indexed.

More who have sincerely helped, to get the post indexed.


Advance SEO tips for Content Optimization



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