core difference between featured snippets and rich snippets

core distiniction between reatured snippets and rich snippets

Featured and rich snippets both have different terms, strategies, and results. Many SEO experts are confused; that’s why today, I will try to remove your confusion and show you the main differences between featured and rich snippets.

What is featured snippets?

The Featured Snippets format is designed to give users a quick, direct answer to their questions right on the search results page, without them having to click through to a specific result.

What are rich snippets?

Rich Snippet is a term that refers to structured data markup that site owners can add to their existing HTML to help search engines better understand what information is on each web page.

Simply put, a rich snippet is an enhanced organic search result, while a featured snippet is a response to a query that appears in zero position above the organic search results.

The core difference between Features snippets & Rich snippets

Features snippets and rich snippets both are core updates of the Google algorithm. There have basic differences between featured snippets and rich snippets.

Features SnippetsRich Snippets
Features snippets are particular search results that show at the top of the google search.Rich snippets are structured markup data that help search engines to understand 
The featured snippet’s main objectives are to display the right keyword & answer shortly.Rich snippet’s main objectives increase search-relevant answers by providing extra search information.
To rank featured snippets, your content should be snippets formates.Rich snippets help search engines to understand your page content better way.
You don’t need to use Schema.org markup language data for getting featured snippets.You must need to use Schema.org structured data.
It is a summary answer to a user query.It is adding extra information about particular sites or products.
Google doesn’t provide the maximum or minimum length of featured snippets because there are many types of featured snippets data like lists, paragraphs, or tables. Rich Snippets FAQ should be a short answer, and other parts contain ratings, price, or valuable data.
It appeared in zero position- here, zero means what appears on the first page first line.It may appear in any position-no with bounded rules to appear.
Its shows concise and accurate answersIts shows the brand credibility of a business
It can be a number list, paragraph, bullet point list, or a combination of a few straight lines.It can be a review rating, price, location, or date.

Featured snippets and Rich snippets example

As an SEO expert, you should not be confused because featured snippets and rich snippets are precisely different.

A Featured Snippet summarizes a response to a user’s query. It appears above organic results, resulting in increased website traffic. For your kind information, you should know the featured snippets optimization strategy.

The featured snippet must be 45 words in length. Snippets are presented in the form of why, how, where, what, and so on. This snippet can be used to clarify responses to pertinent inquiries. 

It can be the best example picture to understand featured snippets.

We found many types of featured snippets that are

  • Text snippets
  • List snippets
  • Video snippets
  • Table snippets
  • Tools or calculator snippets
  • Rich answers snippets

Now rich snippets-

Rich snippets are also called rich results, or rich cards. Recently I discussed this topic in-depth you can read to understand what is rich results and the relations between rich results & SEO.

You should know that rich results, rich snippets, enrich results, and rich cards are all terms that are similar when used for rich snippets.

Rich snippets or Rich results are uncommon. However, they provide extensive information for certain queries, assist people in recognizing when your site is relevant to their search, and provide you better visibility when you use structured markup.

An example of a rich snippet is shown below.

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