Ownership verification

Domain property ownership verification is a process to claim that the domain is yours. If you want to show your domain in the search console and want to get full access you have to prove that website is yours.

Types of Website Ownership Verification Methods

  1. HTML File verification
  2. HTML Tag Verification
  3. Google Analytics Verification
  4. Google Tag Manager Verification
  5. Domain Name Provider Verification

Website Ownership Verification Process by HTML Tag

Today I will show you the easiest way to verify Google Search Console Ownership which is HTML Tag verification. Let’s start-

  • Step 1. Go ‘To Google Search Console and click to add a property and include your full domain with HTTPS/www for example you can follow this picture.
  • Step 2: Open Google Search console verification click the ‘HTML TAG’ verification method then copy the meta tag and paste it into your website dashboard.

You can follow this picture-

  • Step 3: Go website Dashboard

 Click ‘Appearance’ in the dashboard then click ‘Theme File Editor’ options.

  • Step 4: Look most left side in the dashboard then find out ‘Theme header’(header.php) and click here. Copy the ‘HTML Tag’ then paste it after the’Head’ tag and save the updated file. 
  • Step 5. Click verifies options from search console ‘HTML Tag’and you will see ownership auto verified. 

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