Domain vs URL Prefix Property Ownership verification

domain vs url prefix
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Domain vs URL Prefix Property

Domain Property

  • Domain Property allow to add all types of subdomain, www, and non-https or http,ftp version. Domain property allowed only one verification method that’s is DNS which means domain name system verification.
  • Domain property used for specifying the root domain of your site.
  • Domain Property ignored www, although you added -the domain property will ignore www from search results.
  • Domain property aggregates all subdomain data under a root domain that’s why you don’t need to submit separately in google search console.
  • Example of domain property
  • The following URLs are all valid:

URL Prefix Property

  • URL Prefix PropertyURL prefix allows adding all types of prefix protocol like http, https and www. 
  • URL prefix property has many method to verify domain ownership like html file verification, html tag verification, DNS verification and Google analytics verification.
  • Example of URL prefix
  • (or a Domain property for

You can read Google Support information about URL prefix and Domain Property.

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