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how to optimize featured snippets

Recently I described a complete overview of featured snippets, so today’s content is fully about the way of featured snippets optimizing- tracking and bringing organic rank in search engines

Tips for featured snippets optimization strategy

There has no single strategy to optimize featured snippets.

Featured snippets SEO is an advanced level SEO strategy, many people can think Schema.org and featured snippets have deep relations, but it is completely wrong. There have no co-relations between schema and featured snippets.

Here are a few tips you have to follow…

Tips 1: Identify searcher intent

Identify what types of search can come from user-than identify what type of answer you want to give. What category question answer do they expect? Formates of question and answer. It’s impossible to give all answers in one question, so target relevant questions with the featured answers.

Here some of the important considerable factors are 

Some of the search answer types

-Comparison Answer

-Paragraph short answer

-Number or list answer

Tips 2: Keyword research and competitor research

Before answering any featured question, analyze competitor keywords and question answering patterns. It would be best to more accurately and concisely answer your targeted snippets question answer.

Here important factor is summarization but actual answer, don’t try to include keywords within answering questions.

Some the factors you need to consider here:

-Include keywords in the question heading

-Competitors’ answering pattern

-Ensure well-structured sentence

Tips 3: Add questionable heading

The first and most important action is questionable heading tag; if there is no what, which, how question mark, google can’t count it as featured snippets.

A study shows that most of the featured snippets are questionable sentences, so don’t use general heading.

Tips 4: Select a category from types of featured snippets

There have many types of featured snippets; in this section, you have to select only a category or formate.


There have a table, paragraph, and list snippets, but you need to select one format to answer particular questions.

Tips 5: Answer should be rational and descriptive

Answer particular questions concisely but accurately; short means not too short. But we got statistical data of featured snippets’ average words is 50/60, though there are no bounded rules. Concise and accurate answers can boost the potentiality to get featured snippets.

So some of the factors you have to remind:-

-Short and descriptive answer

-Compare the quality with competitors

-Ensure given data is accurate

Tips 6:Use featured snippets image with Alt tag

Don’t forget to use an image and Alt tag with a good description. This image will also show beside your featured answers.


Tips 7: Add keyword related additional question

Don’t focus only keyword related answers. It looks like to dominant search engine. Answer closely related questions so that the Google search engine can understand the purpose of the content.

Some of the factors you need to consider:-

-Add the main keyword related additional questions and answer

-Try to add bullets point to better understand

Tips 8: Monitor featured snippets position

There have many SEO tools which will allow you to track featured snippets’ position.

Example of tools:



I got great tools for optimizing featured snippets freely. You can easily optimize and track your featured snippets’ present position through these tools.

Undoubtedly-the main intention of featured snippets is to provide the best user experience, so content and structural content is still the most sensitive part here.

Why do content quality and SEO matter for featured snippets?

You should write quality content by following google content writing guidelines. Quality content with SEO is important to get featured snippets because recently, “I read Ahref study” mentioned maximum top-ranking websites getting featured snippets. Here most are ranked in the top #10 position.

Though I don’t know how much is right it.

So undoubtedly, content quality with well SEO strategy creates the best opportunity to get a top #10 position and get featured snippets.

Though it’s statistics, there has no documentary evidence. If your content is quality and SEO friendly, there is a huge possibility of getting rank and features snippets.

Also, you should not mix up featured snippets and rich snippets because both are different terms and have different strategies.

Read my previous content if you don’t know the differences between featured and rich snippets.

You don’t need to know structured data or any technical SEO strategy to get featured snippets. The best way to set up featured snippets is to provide rational and accurate answers for a particular question.


Featured snippets can be a great opportunity to compete with a high rankable website. I think featured snippets is one kind of strategy of Google because it gives a better user experience and more organic click.

I believe sound conversation-Your comments might show my errors and good steps to give accurate information. 


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