ERR_CONNETION_TIMED_OUT is a common and annoying error user of Google chrome. This appears at any website when Internet connection is unavailable or DNS server busy. When you see this message on your website or web page then you are not accessible to your website. After showing these errors on your site screen, your web page longs to respond or connection timeout. If you are a regular WordPress user you faceing errors like this in your website. Several things may cause this err_connection_timed_out on your website. But don’t worry, we share an easy process to run your site’s previous mode without an error message. 

Reason of ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on any website

There are many causes for showing this error message on your website. Now we try to know why it is showing an err_connection_timed_out a WordPress website.

  • Not-existing server

  • Service timed outs

  • Incorrecte setting

  • Disconnection ISP

  • Network infrastructure overload

  • PC or router has blocked a website

  • Multiple interference

  • Unable to connection data

  • Slow internet connection

  • Invalid URL

In these points when showing your website that causes you to see ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on your website.

How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on your website?

Topically these are client site problems or issues with the server at site host.

  • Check your connection

    First of all you should check your network connection, here all point to checking connection first as it is one of the most common reasons for this issue. We recommend making sure there is an established connection between the system and network. Here you do two things: Restart your private or public network router and check if your wifi connection is slow or has bad performance.

  • Clear chrome browser cache-

All browsers save it information like (cookies, app data, cache file browsing history and more) including cache on your device. Which are stored on your device for showing up next time the same information needed then this loads more quickly on your eyesight. You see your website err_connection_timed_out errors,  using this methods you will easily solve this errors. Now we show how to remove or clear browsing data on your Chrome browser. 

>Open chrome browser

>Click menu then click setting on sidebar

>Click clear browsing data

>Showing a dialog box will appear, click on “clear data”

After clearing your website browsing data then refresh the site link you might be perfect for this website. 

  • Disable firewall and antivirus software

    – This is a protector tool that safe users and their systems. This software 24 hours scans your devices and finds any suspicious activity that automatically blocks this. But sometimes these tools affect your network connection that cause showing ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on your website. In this situation you can temporarily disable this software on your device and refresh your URL. 

  • Disable proxy server or VPN

    – You might see err_connection_timed_out error if you are utilized proxy service. Basically this is rare on client sites but sometimes anyone makes a mistake to enable this. Showing this err_connection_timed_out on your website you must check the setting to ensure disable. Now we show you how to check this setting. Go to the browser setting menu then open the system section under Advance. Clicking advance finds the open proxy setting and selects it. This same system checks your using VPN and ensures this disable then refreshes your website. 

  • Temporarily disable active plugins

    – All of this most WordPress error may be caused by using a third party null plugin. To fix any problem you need to remember to plugin on your site. You try to disable all active plugins to solve these errors. You will find all active and deactivate  plugins on your WordPress dashboard area. 

  • Memory limit increase

    – When you use a shared hosting plan in your website then showing this err_connection_timed_out error on the linking site. Because all shared hosting may be set up with a 64M value on parameter. At this point you must increase the memory limit on your host. Just using wp-config.php file to additionally change this memory limit. If you use WordPress 5.2 version or above then you can find out your memory limit on site health tools. Here you see your limit and increase maximum it 256M.Then refresh you will see all are perfectly working on your site.

Connection timed out is not good for any website owner or user, so everyone should know the cause and knowledge of fixing this error on the WordPress website. This is a client site network connection problem or issues on WordPress server on host. These err_connection_timed_out errors affect your site and user experience by sharing your site  information. Follow our guideline you may be able to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error in your WordPress website. 

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