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Google AdSense is a simple way to show ads on your website and earn money. Google AdSense program shares a profit with you for showing different ads. How much you will earn depends on region, ad category, traffic, click, and impression. Google maintains huge AdSense standards for properly maintaining display ads and earning money.

Today you can learn what the main factors would be for  Google Adsense approval and what you need to know to meet your website’s best user experience. I describe here step by step each of Google AdSense Standards and some unofficial Standards. I hope you will enjoy my article.


If you have fresh content for publishing on the website just adjust these mentioned Google AdSense Policy

  • Plagiarism Free Content

  • Readability Grade Should be ‘’6’’ [Check Readability Score in Humingway writing style Website]

  • Don’t write irrelevant meaningless content

  • Website Page content also should be unique and meaningful

  • Google counts how easy it is to read your content. Google does not like complex sentences.

  • Mega menu helps to understand the niche of the website

  • Scraping content also violate of Google AdSense standards

You can create outstanding content by following only three steps. It’s provided by Google…Website content creation tips by Google



Owners’ age policy: Google wants at least 18 years old people. Who has the ability to understand website structure, content, ability to maintain the website, and ability to understand Google AdSense policy? If you are under 18 years old but able to make a worthwhile site I recommend you to use your parent’s information for monetizing your website.

Domain Age Policy: Domain name age doesn’t affect getting AdSense approval but sometimes it counts unofficial rules. Because a new website is unable to get sufficient traffic.If you have more than a 6-month-old domain name it would be easy to meet AdSense eligibility.

  • Website age Policy: If your website is 1 year old or branded it would be more smooth to adjust with Google AdSense eligibility than a new or 1 monthly born website.

Owners & Controlity

One of the major criteria for Google AdSense eligibility is “Control” which means you have the right address through Google will send a PIN for verifying you. withdrawing your AdSense money. If its site is yours so You need to know to maintain site content and other information. Google always tries to ensure the right owners of the website that’s why they send PINs in the address line.


Menu or Navigation helps Google to easily understand your site niche. Links. Your site should use a menu bar or navigation bar. Google used to understand your site niche and clear structure. Try to add a clear menu or navigation. all the categories properly, ensure all text bars are easy to read, and properly link up every category. Google AdSense standards follow a clear structure to guide users.


Avoid abusive experience

If your site’s message is attractive but fake. It’s misleading the visitor on another page. Google counts it as an abusive experience. So you should avoid these instructions

  • Avoid Fake Content Information

  • Unexpected Clicks

  • Avoid Using Automatic Clicker Tools

  • Errors and misleading redirects

  • Avoid Malware sites ad

  • Avoid to ads Hacking sites or Tools

  • Avoid encouraging to click the ad

You can’t apply more ads than your content. It follows Google guidelines.

Website Page Policy:

  • Avoid creating a page with very little information and plagiarism Information. Also, some websites use scraping content for attracting visitors; it’s also avoidable for AdSense users.

  • Avoid copying images from others website

  • Avoid exact similar design to others website

  • Try to maintain website page speed in a standard


Some unofficial AdSense approval rules

Above all these policies declared by Google but here I will discuss some unofficial google AdSense approval eligibility.

  • You Create Some Page like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Advertisement Policy, About Us, and Terms & Condition. This page helps to build the trust of the audience.

  • Age of the website can matter to get AdSense approval. Sometimes brand new websites get AdSense approval quickly but it has a high risk to limit.

  • The traffic of websites if you have enough traffic of websites it would be easy to get AdSense approval. Sufficient traffic helps to earn enough money. Otherwise, Google AdSense has no value if you can’t earn money. So enough traffic may be fact to get easily 

  • Search engine Optimization though SEO is not mandatory to getting AdSense approval but website speed increasing, Image optimization, Low-value content removal, Reduce CSS file, and Search Console add. Here all of these can accurately fix what you need to optimise your website.

  • Secured and fast domain hosting also can be impacted to get AdSense approval because HTTPS and HTTP here ‘ ‘’S’’ refers to secured. Fast domain hosting increases website loading speed which impacts Google Ranking.

  • Don’t follow the blackhat SEO example if you increase site DA PA in a Black-hat way and increase traffic through paid tools. You will fully disable getting AdSense approval.

  • If your website has huge affiliate links or Guest post links then it would be tough to meet Google AdSense standards.


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