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Most effective keyword ranking short technique for blogger

Why do you need to follow the effective Keyword ranking short technique?

Many people said massive rules for keyword ranking but they never share the most important techniques for keyword ranking. There have many SEO rules for search engine ranking but have some most effective keyword ranking techniques for ranking quickly. Nowadays you can see on Fiverr, and Upwork there have many people giving keyword ranking services with guaranteed results in a very short time. They are not using black-hat techniques, if you can follow the most important Google guidelines obviously your keyword will rank in the top ten within one month.

Today I will share keyword ranking short technique if you follow this strategy you can rank any keywords within 1 month. For your kind information am not using a black-hat strategy or any bad technique which will impact wrong way overall site’s health score. 

The best keyword ranking short technique in Google

  1. Target longtail keywords 

To rank in short time longtail keyword is the most crucial factor. People love to search longtail keywords because they want specific search results. A shorttail keyword is very unspecified and high competitive. It is very hard to improve ranking position and also impossible to rank the first position. So select a longtail keyword or questionable keywords so that you can rank within one month. Today’s longtail keyword demand is increasing because the user needs exact search results that they want to see. If you are new so Google Keyword Planner would be the best option to select accurate longtail keywords.

Example of best longtail keywords:

  1. Target secondary keywords based on primary keywords

The second most important part of keyword ranking is selecting secondary keywords. Most SEO experts don’t know secondary keywords support your primary keyword. Secondary keywords increased relevancy to Google bot understand your main keyword. Right secondary keywords help to rank rapidly. Secondary keywords improve SEO scores and the relevance of primary keywords.

Here Google SERPs is the best option for freely selecting secondary keywords. Click the Google search box and input your primary keywords you can see many suggestions from Google. 

  1. Recheck the content quality

Content is another most important part of search engine ranking. Don’t use any automatic AI content writing tools, copy-paste content, scraping content and irrelevant information. Most of the SEO experts believe 50% Google’s ranking depends on content quality and relevancy. So don’t hesitate to sacrifice to ensure content quality. Focus on keyword-related discussion relevant data, user satisfaction points, and focus on competitors’ content style. You should know the most important factors of quality content

Here you can read Google webmaster content quality guidelines clearly mention all terms & conditions for quality content writing.

  1. Grab relevant backlinks

A study has shown that backlinks are 2nd most important factor in search engine ranking. If you want rapid ranking there are no options to rank without relevant backlinks. Link juice gives your site importance, increasing domain authority, site traffic and assisting to Google bot to understand your site’s content value. Today we see many PBN sites, low-quality sites, scammy sites, irrelevant sites providing low prices backlinks, you avoid these types of backlinks sites. 

  1. Do internal linking

Internal linking is another short strategy to rank fast. Just include links from one page to another page on your website. Anchor text of internal links helps to better understand on the main content. Internal linking connects your page content to another page it increases page value. So relevant internal links will add content value, user instructions, niche relevant discussion and proper guide. This page has no internal links its looks like Orphan page. Generally, more relevant internal links increase higher ranking possibility. Remember low quality and unnatural internal links can badly impact site ranking.

Google Search engine experts say’s

  1. Updating content in each week

Updating content is important for the best user experience. Focus user demand what they actually want and do your content more user friendly. You should know the reason of bad user experience. Upgrading, updating, or refreshing regularly is a similar term of updating content. Statistics show the top 10 positions’ content updating every week at least one time. You don’t need to edit all content just edit a particular part or recheck all parts so that you can add better value to the user. Rewrite any low-value sentence, delete incorrect or irrelevant data, update time or date, and replace any case studies or research reports with a new ones.

HubSpot and Neil Patel gave their opinion about content updating.

  1. SEO technique

There have many SEO strategies but you don’t need to follow them accurately. Just ensure your site does not follow any black hat strategy. Optimizing heading, subheading, slug and title. Input main keywords in the title, heading and subheading naturally. Ensure all keywords are included naturally. Don’t do keyword stuffing for ranking fastly. Don’t worry about keyword density in paragraphs because keyword density is not a factor of Google ranking.

These seven strategies are the most important part of Google’s keyword ranking. From my experience, this strategy is the shortest and most effective ranking method because Google SEO has huge terms & conditions. It is almost impossible to follow all guidelines for maximum blogger. So if you want quick ranking results there have no secondary short technique. 


I include the ‘’keyword ranking short technique’’ keyword appearing in every title heading and subheading.

Most asked questions about ranking short and strategy

How impact sites health score for using the keyword ranking short strategy?

Keyword ranking short technique is not black hat strategy here included all rules regulations following Google algorithm guidelines. I just give you the most crucial techniques to rank first, It’s 100% safe for any website as per Google guidelines. 

What is the keyword ranking short strategy?

How much time take to rank the top page by using the keyword ranking short strategy?

If you can follow all the above strategies I longtail keywords will take a maximum of 1 month to rank top 10 positions. Here have the six most important factors of keyword ranking quickly.

What are the minimum criteria for using the keyword ranking short technique?

There is no specific requirement but good  SEO score sites have more chance to rank fast rather than other sites. Website should be minimum DA DR 20+, Sites have at least 30+ blog posts.

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