Google penalties law and a complete overview

Today penalty is a common term for online sections because many websites are built for bad purposes. Google takes action against them for misinformation, malicious data, misleading directions, and promotion of the black hat online strategy.

Generally, penalties are a kind of punishment to a specific person, websites, apps, or such particular thing for breaking the rules & regulations.

Google penalties Laws:

Google follows many types of punishment regulations but basically two types of punishment we are familiar with. 

There are two types of penalties you can face:-

  1. Manual Action Report 
  2. Security Action Report

A. Manual Action Report:

It’s one kind of Google penalty which is detected manually by google human employees. Generally, it detects for trying to influence google search engines through breaking the rules of Google guidelines such as keyword stuffing, scraping content, misleading information, doorway pages and spammy links.

But manual report actions are not necessarily dangerous for targeted users; it’s dangerous for only trying to influence Google search engines.

B. Security Report Issue: 

Security issues intention is not influencing search engine but happens for the weak security system of sites, such types of security issues are website hacked, publishing spammy links, phishing links to the targeted user, advertising unwanted software for getting user personal information. 

This type of website shows a warning page or interstitial warnings to the landing page when users visit this type of hacking page.

Google doesn’t use automatic software for penalising any website, but it takes manual action reports against spammy links websites, duplicate content websites, misleading information websites, and which websites break google guidelines.

If your site violates google search engine guidelines, Google will send a manual action report in your search console message centre or search console notification centre.

Here is some common situation Google can penalise your website:

  1. A hacked website can be penalised

If Google can understand your site has been hacked or hackers publishing spammy links, spammy content to the user then google can take initiative actions by droop search results from top pages or penalties until fixing that issue.

Google clearly defined hacked websites will be considered under security issue report law and display warning pages to your user.

  1. Penalty for bad link building style

Link Building is a very popular method to rank a keyword quickly. That’s why website owners try to create/buy huge backlinks as much as possible. If you still think it’s a great way to rank higher so your thought is wrong.

Because google search algorithm paid links guidelines never motivate you to create unusual links from bad websites.It strictly violates google algorithm rules this consequence would penalise your website from the search results.

  1. Huge spamming links

Irrelevant links with intended anchor text,auto-approved spamming comments, unrelated links which add no value to the content and user-generated links are mostly responsible for increasing website spam scores.

If your sites are wrapped with huge spamming links or auto-generated spamming links google can lower your search rank and can also lock your websites.

Google already provides actions to prevent comment spam links or auto-generated links from websites.

  1. Using Clocking/sneaky redirect

When your site’s users click a particular anchor text keyword but take different pages which they don’t expect, it’s one kind of sneaky redirect or clocking.

Google can take manual report actions like punish from search results or content indexing problems.

  1. Penalty for bad user experience

Bad user experience is related to users’ satisfactions like users are not satisfied to read your content, no reference links, content is not updated or not enough structural data. So you have to research and keep creating user-friendly information so that they come again to visit your website.

If you force your user to open a new tab, to click new links, unstructured information, bad design or content quality can create a bad user experience.

Google can punish your website’s particular page or entire site for this type of behaviour.

How to diagnose google penalties of a website?

There are many ways you might identify Google punishment because of many problems you will face after hitting google penalties. 

Today I will show you only two ways to detect if your site is under punishment or not having any issue.

  1. Manual detection 
  2. Google search console detection
  1. Manual detection 

Through the manual detection process, you need to use website analytics tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, or Orbit analytics tools.

There you will see some issues like traffic has droop down drastically,no had been down, conversation rate or and Total income of AdSense has been down.

Through the Analytics tools you can detect where your traffic is coming from, the most popular visited page, which page is not viewing and you can get some suggestions in analytics. 

I recommend using a manual method so that you can understand all detection problems and can take action against ongoing issues.

  1. Google search console detection

Through the Google search console, you can easily identify any punishment report on your website.

You will get a notification if any punishment actions have been taken from Google.

Click Google search console property-check manual action report.

You may click here for a manual action report

Google guidelines already mention Green colour will be visible if there no manual actions reports have been taken.

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