Google search engine guest post guidelines

Guest post guidelines in Google Algorithm

Guest post is a common way to grab huge links and increase search ranking in the top position. Google also considers higher ranking which websites grab quality links.

But you don’t know your guest posting strategy efforts can be fruitless or your website can downrank from search appearance.

Because Google updated its guest posting guidelines in July 2021.

Google considers link buying selling is a common procedure of commercial markets but if you ad any sponsored links or sell links without adding any value of content this will be most dangerous for your website.

When Google can understand a site attempts to get links through an excessive sponsored guest post, or link selling website without proper anchor text, proper link tags, or using sneaky redirects links, for all that’s activities Google can punish your website.

The question is what kind of punishment would be?

Google will take manual action reports against your website for the result your website can disappear from the search result, downrank your content, also it would be hard to get index again.

Because without adding rich information or any value it’s considered a bad user experience and spamming link-building methods of google bot. If your website exist huge spam links Google will take manual action reports against your site, therefore the result will be down a rank from the search result.

I got a questions answer from the google support team:


The answer was

If you are still confused about why it considers spamming links so I recommend reading below these 5 bullet points to understand.

Some of Spamming link building strategies people follow:

  • Insert a link from existing rankable content
  • Exchanging links for only money
  • Cross-linking culture system[link to my site, link to you]
  • Use most trendy search words frequent times link building
  • Low-quality sites links
  • Unrelated niche sites focus only on ranking, not content value

Guest posting guidelines from google algorithm are:

Google advises avoiding link building for manipulating google search engine results because of its violation of webmaster guidelines.

  • Don’t focus on low-quality guest posts or link insertion method
  • Don’t contribute content for only intend to get backlinks
  • Trying to manipulate search engines through creating huge links, actually thas have no value
  • Link exchanging[give me a link, I also give you links]
  • Low-quality sites or spamming sites link like bookmarking, comments links, forum links
  • Avoid excessive link selling websites for getting links
  • Trying to add content value with links so that users can get something

Sometimes outbound links help to create credential tiles for users because when you include a study report you should give the report links so that users can understand its accurate study.

Google never discourages guest posting links but recommended adding content value and appropriate rel value to these links. You have to know what kind of links is most outbound grantable links in google.

Now it’s very clear that Google and other search engine used link-based ranking. Its true link-based analysis helps your site to rank but you have to ensure the quality of outbound links.

Google considers some quality for guest post link building 

  1. Outbound link reputations
  2. Only intention to page rank, not for user experiences
  3. Link with content value-adding system
  4. Spam score of that site
  5. Link building niche

Google search results give more value to user-friendly high-quality content than link building process, If your site contains a high volume, quality content Google definitely ranks your site, as well as a link-building method also, improves search results if its qualified links.

Am presenting this proof for your trust:

Developers clearly mention they don’t like manipulating search results but they want quality links that give a better user experience as well. 


In my experience there is not a single way to rank top position without creating human-friendly content, still, if you think link building can be a way to rank am also agree but if your content is thin, error, scraping, misleading information, not giving accurate value to use so it’s fully useless. Focus on Google webmaster guidelines and link building policy in google so that your gaining links can increase site value.

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