Guideline of Website security

When you have a website, you have complete control over it, suddenly you cannot control it and something happens that you don’t know or you can not access your Cpanel, WordPress admin- panel or something else that means someone control your website-related passwords, admin-panel and everything which we can call it’s hacking. 


Website security is all about keeping your website safe from these kinds of problems. It is very important for a website owner because everyone wants to keep their website neat and clean and not lose their properties.


Checking process a WordPress website’s security

Hacking is the most common thing on internet- related sites and WordPress website is the red zone of hacking because WordPress is the most popular website builder platform in the world that demands 58% market share in 2017.

That’s why the WordPress website is the main target of hackers. All WordPress websites are easy to access for all users without experience so that a website owner makes his site insecure and lacks maintenance and hackers always inadvertently introduce weak points through poor management that’s risky. There are various ways to check your WordPress website security. I show some way for you-

1.IsItWP-It is a free website scanner under Sucuri to provide you a unique result of malware and hacks of your website and check your domain. Here you can see your website hacking result and how you can secure this known everything. Using process IsItWP- Copy your website Url-Go to isitwp.com-Paste Url in the box then click Analyze website.

Then isitwp analyzes your site and shows results within a few seconds and you are able to see your website vulnerability threats here reporting details of malware threats and security.


2.Wpinspector-It is also the best scanner for your site security checking submission form. The scanner checks your website’s blacklist, phishing content, malware, code, iframe and suspicious activity. These tools use any kind of website like Wix, eCommerce, javascript, next.js, etc without boundaries.

 I will show using these tools just for you- 

Go to browser-search -write wpinspactor and click Url-show a checking box below-copy and paste your site Url and enter your email address then click Start the sean.

3.WP scans-It is a free security scanner and is most easy to scan your website. Go to wpscan tools copy-paste your site Url and click start -wait a few moments showing details of malware and security in your site.


You can use any method to check your website’s security and ensure site health. But it is important to know that many hackers are using online security scanning tools to see website weak points so you will be alert when you check your site.

Most popular security plugins for a WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular and valuable content management system in the world. But every minute 90,000+ WordPress websites under hacking attract. Here also facing a ton of issues to show any time new or expert website owner or developer. In this platform you must ensure your WordPress website security that helps you to protect your site against any unexpected things.

Every hosting provider protects on server sites but other sites must include your own attempt. At this point WordPress provides a lot of plugins that are used to make your site more secure from any hacker and spammer.

Now we show here how to make a WordPress website more secure using a plugin. Here we include the most usable and helpful WordPress supported latest plugin that makes sure your site is secure. If you want just click one or more to know about this.


These plugins provide a ton of services on your website that help to more secure your WordPress website from hackers and spammers.

Guideline a WordPress website secure from hackers?

It is the most important part of a website to secure website data. Now we know how can secure our wordpress website.Let’s go-

  1. Updates WordPress regularly-If you have a WordPress website you must check your site regularly showing update click and instant update this. Always up to date your site, it has a positive impact on your site health.

  2. Updates theme and plugin-you have a WordPress website obviously you use one theme and one or more plugin it’s always up to date for your site’s security protections and avoid bugs.

  3. Limit login attempts-Don’t use unlimited username and password in your website login form because it attempts your site and hackers easily access your site. Limiting the available attempts is the first thing you make secure your site. You can install a plugin to limit possible login attempts. This is the best solution.

  4. Backup timely- Backing up your website all data means storing a copy of your website data to a safe place. Unfortunately, your website badly impacts or deletes you can use this copying of data to restore your site. So as a website owner you should keep a backup regularly. You can do it automatically or manually. It is very easy to backup using a plugin that creates an automatic backup of your site. I recommend Jetpack, UpdraftPlus for your site backup.

  5. Specific permission of users-If you are not only using a website, but you must also restrict the permission of your user. You should keep everything under your control, try to limit access to every user for their job purposes. You can set up a plugin to protect your password and generate a strong guarantee that your site will be secure.

  6. Change admin panel login system-By default, every WordPress website dashboard login url-yoursite.com/wp-admin or wp-login.php you should change your dashboard access link change or rename so that the hacker does not guess your login URL. You can use (yoursite.com/Google-is most-popular-search engine) that simply can not guess anyone. It is important for your site security.

  7. Use positive SSl ( Secure Socket Layer)- When you can buy a domain you need to buy an SSL certificate for your site that secures your site from hackers and unexpected errors. You can buy two different ways I will show below-

  • Buy on from the third-party company

  • Buy your hosting provider(recommended)

  1. Enable Seans-Install security plugin and enable it for your whole website checking anything specious, find something unexpected remove this immediately. It works as an antivirus. It is a paid plugin you can use Jetpack, Sucuri sitecheck, wordfence, CodeGuard and more.

  2. Secure wp-config.php file-It is technically the core of your WordPress website.Your installation all data and plugins I mean whole WordPress installation store it. Have any problem here, you can not use your site blog. You should keep safe your wp-config.php file and move it to the wordpress root directory. Moving files do not impact your site but can not find hackers. So safe your sit

  3. Your computer installed a firewall- It protected your computer from various threats that help your website admin area. You can use your computer as freely as Comodo, ZoneAlarm or Norton Internet Security to other connections.

  4. Using WordPress security plugin- Using plugin to detect any issues on your WordPress website that can be more effective than any scanner. I recommend you can use this plugin in your WordPress website security purposes-

  • Wordfence-More effective tools including malware scanner, blocking attract, live view of attempts-visitors and login, file repair features and more.

  • iTheme security-include two-factor-authentication, action logging, strong password generate entry option, automatic detected daily malware scan and email alert, easy update WP security keys.

  • Bulletproof Security- including adding firewall, security logging keys, change default database and admin panel, configuration .htaccess file and more


WordPress is the most popular content management system based website builder, that’s why it is the common target of hackers and spammers. As a website owner you must follow the rules of security and protect your information from hackers. 

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