harmful SEO techniques

Harmful SEO techniques in 2022

What is the harmful SEO techniques?

Harmful SEO techniques are known as outdated SEO techniques, lack-hat SEO techniques, Bad SEO techniques and Unethical SEO techniques. Which SEO strategies do not follow Google Algorithm guidelines and unethically try to influence search results that are called harmful SEO techniques. 

SEO has both black-hat and white-hat practices If you have the intention to follow the short-cut way and the black-hat way so this article is for you. Black hat SEO strategy can get an instant result but will be facing long time ranking problems like content indexing issues, high SPAM score, lower-ranking keywords, bot visitors, fake reviews, and the possibility of Google penalty.You should know Google penalty law and complete guidelines so that you can your website from Google punishment.

Through this content, you will understand which factors are accountable for black hat SEO, why you should not follow it, and the ultimate consequence of black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a short-cut strategy that goes against Google search engine guidelines. It’s also called bad SEO practice that’s completely against search engine guidelines and policy. If anyone establishes his website and tries to rank in a black hat way it would be penalized by google.

Some harmful SEO techniques are

  1. Bad Content Writing Strategy

The most harmful violations of rules in search engines are bad content practices because they represent errors in the information, wrong directions, copy-paste text, unethical links, and demotivate people to use the search engine.

Google guidelines strictly said to follow all terms & condition for content writing

Some bad content writing practices can be:

  • Data scraping from others content
  • Using doorway pages for influencing search engine
  • Using duplicate content
  • Using automated tools to write content
  • Using a translator to translate content one language to others
  • Using thin content strategy
  • Creating a page for phishing, SPAM link promoting, bad content promoting
  • Abusive structure of the content design
  • Using deceptive redirect and sneaky redirects
  1. Keyword Stuffing

Repeating the same keywords frequently times in content this familiar with keyword staffing. Keyword stuffing is like the strategy of influencing search ranking but it’s an abusive practice in google developers.

When you are trying to wrap keywords frequently times unnaturally its looks like so wired sentence. Most advance level SEO keyword practice is the presence your keywords within title tag, heading tag,SLUG of URL,and using alt tag keywords.

 Some of keyword stuffing practices can be:

  • Trying to input keywords artificially which not human readable
  • Using same keywords within heading,content,image,meta tag,slug and others anchor text for ranking
  • Intention to rank particular words
  • Not concern about human only concern search engine machine
  • Not using rich content strategy
  1. Guest Posting Strategy

Guest post is very popular and common method for linkbuilding. Todays many of IT firm or agency selling huge guest post link or private blog networks link to the buyers who is think its would be help to rank in google first position.

Google search engine paid link policy give the priority only connected relevant links which added extra value of content.

But they don’t think which method would be most helpful to rank in google first position.They following lower price but high DA DR traffic website for guest posting but its not enough for all because if have find out good SEO practices websites for guest posting.

Some of symptom can assit you to identify good website like researchable content,structural representation,clrear descriptions,good image quality,internal llinks with reference links,focus on best user experience and following all search engine guidelines.

Some of guest posting strategy can be consider bad SEO practices:

  • Lower price,unrelated,bot traffic,redicet DA DR websites guest posting links
  • A website is only for buying and selling links to others page
  • Content niche is not matching with targeted guest post links thats added no value of data.
  • Using keyword anchor text or same type of anchor text for guest posting but it very clear to google they wants to manipulates search engine ranking
  • Using only nofollow or only dofollow links for fast search engine ranking
  1. Poor User Experience

Poor user experience would effect google ranking also site can face google penalties.If you believe spammy content can help to rank fastly so this information is for you. Google take strict actions against spammy links spammy content, doorway pages,or redirect links.

Some of best user experience guidelines include like provide user-friendly information, being well content design, consistent of information and updating information if needed. You should know the reason of bad user experience in Google.

Some of bad user experience harmful SEO techniques are:

  • Using exaggerated information-You can think extra information is good but sometimes need accurate and short information not exaggerated description.
  • Users not staying a pge enough time-If they move so fast or exit another page without reading any line its impacts ranking result.
  • Inforce user to open new link in new tab
  • Provide wrong direction and wrong redirect page where user feels unsafe
  • Keep writing without adding any reference value or any credentials
  • Adding wrong spammy links like CLICK HERE, CLICK THIS LINK, READ THIS ARTICLE instead of using proper anchor text
  1. Spammy links or link sell website

You should not make your website only advertise purpose because link selling website,huge ad showing website humper good user experience. Sometimes it leads user attention to go to others’ page.

If your site contains more paid link than referral link it will affect search ranking.Also, huge running ads slow down page speed and looking like spammy websites.

Some of the Spammy links or links sell websites’ bad practices:

  • Selling huge guest post links
  • Irrelevant guest post post link selling and custom advertising website
  • Replacing auto ads
  • Redirect links to irrelevant websites
  • Creating content for only selling links

  6. Trying to Influence Google search engine ranking

Many SEO experts think if they do over-optimize content It will rank quickly. So they grab the PBN site’s backlinks at a low price, create long content without adding any value, unnatural keyword strategy, redirect links and focus only on google ranking, not user experiences. If Google bot understand you are trying to influence search engine result bad way so you can get Google Manual penalty. If you want to rank quickly any keyword so you should know the keyword ranking short technique.

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