How to create Gmail Signature

Professional Gmail Email signature helps identify you the distinct way, particularly ita important for freelancers. A professional identity helps your Gmail present different way.


Gmail signature is adding professional Identity with Gmail Id like name, professions, contact number, and picture.


Today, I will discuss the Gmail signature’s unique design and adding process so that you can represent your professional tag with the Gmail ID.


Here are the steps of adding signature in personal Gmail ID


STEPS 1: Open the Gmail account inbox page


STEPS 2: Click Gmail account setting and click see all setting




STEPS 3: Scrol down to signature section and click create new




STEPS 3: Click new and add your professional name, job title, contact information and others if you want




STEPS 5: Insert your personal image from image options and select it Small size from the Small-Medium, Large size. If you wish you can add your company logo also




STEPS 6: Check this signature – Click the save changes


If you think sending email without signature so Follow above instructions again and click edit options for adding text or removing text and click delete options for deleting this signature.




So above the same process you can edit and remove your signature.

For editing and deleting you can follow this picture…



What you should add to your Gmail signature box?

What kind of information you will add in the signature box it depends on various things like your profession, business type, privacy, and personal mail or business mail.


Google allowed you up to 10,000 characters as signatures words so don’t worry if its long.


  1. Firstly as a business user:

As a business user, you can add valuable information about yourself and your products so that clients easily get your contact information.


  • Your business name

  • Products & Services

  • Website address 

  • Locations

  • Office time

  • Telephone

  • Skype

  • Logo of business


It would look like this picture




  1. Secondly as a personal user

As a person, you are allowed to add anything but the best things are…

  • Your Name

  • Professional Position

  • Phone Number

  • Personal Image

  • Facebook/Twitter link


It would look like below this picture




What i should do if signature not work properly?

If your signature not display correctly than go to setting option- signature-click default of signature name-save changes


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