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What are mobile apps?

Mobile apps are software application that works with wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. An app most commonly designed to run small devices. Build up apps using simple and clean design here include limited function. With the popularity of mobile devices, apps have also increased in popularity.

Here I mention the ApplyPie platform that can help to create a modern website-based mobile app without coding.

ApplyPie – This app builder provides a huge feature to create your app without coding knowledge. ApplyPie helps to create unique feature-able quality apps, if you want you can add them on the Google play store. This builder helps to drag and drop systems that not need to install any kind of elements, it makes it so easy to use. Basically, ApplyPie belongs to HTML5 and works on any kind of platform like Blackberry.

Here including some features of this builder for your need – 

  1. Using this you can send push notifications.
  2. Able to see your app analyzed every time.
  3. Scheduled appointments that you can include custom code and iframe to indicate call to action button and verify QR code system on your app.
  4. Include ads on your app.
  5. Add this app link on your website, blog, audio, social media feed and more places.
  6. If you want this app using a free and also paid version to create your dream app. When you use the paid version just pay $33 every month for its lot of features.

So you can create an app for your business using this ApplyPie app builder that really helps to reach your targeted audience.

Steps of building apps

Here I create mobile apps without coding using ApplyPie app builders. Just follow these steps to create a new one for your business.

Step 1: Open a new tab on your browser and copy this link ApplyPie . Here you see this on your device screen. Here click Get Started button for creating a mobile app without coding knowledge. Best clarification see below image marking points. 

Step 2:  Click the get started button after you see a new box here include your business name which means what kind of business you belong to here type this name that you can change any time. And click the next button. 

Step 3:  Then you need to select a category here to provide your business quality that helps to make your app more relevant. If you want to make an online shop you select the Online store category or you have a restaurant, in this case, you should select Restaurant & food category

Step 4: After selecting the category then you see some functionality settings here you can customize your app shame color which means select dark or light then will be adding any one color marked on. 

Step 5: All above completed then you are able to see two devices here you select one. If you want to create an Android app you need to select an Android device and you want iOS then you click to be an iOS device. Basically today we saw a mobile app so I selected the Android option

Step 6: Select these then you have to view this. That’s why you need to create an account under the ApplyPie App builder platform

Step 7: You select to create an account button then show some boxes on your device’s screen. Including the right Email and a strong password that need to log in to this app build any time. So carefully provide this information and click the SIGNUP button. If you create before this no need to create a new account just click the login button and access your account. 

Step 8: Click the sign-up button App builder sends your providing Email a verify code where you need to paste it and click confirm box.

Step 9: This is an important point to design and customize on your app. First of all, Set up app layouts and also view your currently created app outlook. 

Step 10: Above these sections, you will find some font and color customization options if you want you can change font size, color, heading color, background color, font family, and more. 

Step 11: Completing the process you have two options here if you want you can trial 7 days without cost and then pay for this and if you don’t want to continue this platform you can do this under these days. Here you fulfill this form and click the Start your free trial button.

Step 12:  Set up this you will redirect your account dashboard where you can see and edit your profile all things and ensure your account security, maintain your account privacy and add two-factor authentication. 

Following these steps, you must be able to create your own app without coding knowledge. Create your own app to face any problem feel free to drop a comment I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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