Largest Contentful Paint

What and Why matters Largest Contentful Paint a WordPress website?

Largest Contentful Paint is a code of web vital matrices that calculate how much time to load the largest content(text, audio or videos etc) on a browser. A faster server improves Largest Contentful Paint on your site on any single page or post. 

It can be used to determine when the main content of any page or post finished the rendering screen. LCP is always above the fold at the top of the page. Basically used LCP images or text blocks, sometimes used videos or animation that will be our desktop, tab or mobile device. So improving the Largest contentful paint is the most important part of any website. 

LCP is the most important part because of the most relevant perceived user experience and site load speed. 

When your site LCP doesn’t load fast, your visitors feel bored and avoid your site. Because no one wastes their time on your lazy loading website. In this situation you lost many audiences on your website just not to improve Largest contentful paint. 

How to find out LCP and what is the best score?

There are a huge number of tools in your eye sight to find out LCP score. These tools provide a measurement result that includes lab and field data. Now we show the most popular tools that you can use if you know your site LCP score.

  • Pagespeedinsight
  • GTmetrix
  • Chrome Dev tools
  • Lighthouse
  • Search console
  • Webpage test

If you need you can use any one but we recommend Pagespeed Insight because of these tools measure Lab data and Field data at a time. When you use pagespeed insight you see your site mobile score and desktop score at a time and improve the largest contentful paint.

Every website owner wants to know what is the best score that improve Largest contentful paint timing. LCP best score means the same or less than 2.5 seconds. When your site LCP scores 2.5 or less the score checker tools provide your site a green signal. Here you can see three signals green, orange and red when your site scores 2.5 or less, showing a green signal that means LCP score is good and there is no need to improve. Showing 2.5 above or the same 4 seconds that means I need to improve Largest contentful paint. When above 4 seconds this is a poor score and fix it as soon as possible to improve Largest contentful paint.

What is the main factor that affects increasing LCP timing?

Now we try to know how to increase LCP in any WordPress website. Here we show some basic causes of increasing LCP. 

  • Slow server response timing that measure TTFB

  • Unused JavaScript and CSS 

  • Takes to huge time to load

  • Client site rendering

Above these show on your site score in this point increasing your site LCP score that affects your user experience.

How can I reduce and improve the largest contentful paint on WordPress?

Now we need to take a few steps to improve the largest contentful paint. Follow these step by step.

  1. Improve server response time

  2. Choose a fast and better hosting provider

  3. Use CDN

  4. Remove unused JS and CSS

  5. Using cache 

  6. Minify all CSS and JavaScript file

  7. Optimized used images

  8. Compress text files

  9. Establishing third party connection

  10.  User server side rendering

When you complete this process on your site, you will see your website LCP score must improve. LCP score always enhances the user experience that contributes to your site’s conversational goals. LCP is the part of core web vital in this case directly this site ranking factor. 

Improving Largest Contentful Paint is the most important part of a successful business. So you must know combined FCP, TBT, LCP and CLS on your website. When you adjust these four things the performance level will be high and you will feel better.

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