Road map of learning Python programming language

Road map of learning Python programming language

What is Python?

Python is an interactive, object-oriented, interpreted, high-level one of the most popular programming languages globally released in 1991 by ‘Guido van Rossum.’ Python provides you with its simple syntax. 

This article gives you a whole idea to understand the Python programming language that helps you to learn easily. Let’s go –

Why need Python?

Anyone needs this programming language to do any website or become a professional software engineer. Python helps you to learn English keywords that other languages don’t provide. Also, need Python these steps – 

# Web development sector when you work server site any website. Just using a server, Python can create a web application.

# Software development area

# System Scripting processing

# Solution of mathematics

# Works to connect database with systems that why read and modify this database.

# Easily integrated C, C++, Java, COM, and more languages

# Python gives you to prototyping very easily in a short time

Benefits of Python?

This programming language works at a time on different platforms and helps every sector. I show some extra features here that are very helpful to other Python learners. 

  • Works at a time on many platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and more.
  • It is so easy to learn python syntax similar to the English language.
  • Python saves any threat in an object-oriented way, practical way, and more.
  • Python allows you to write code in fewer lines than a programming language.
  • Python has huge features at a time web developing applications, rapid application development, data science, etc.
  • Easy to read, easy to learn, and easy to maintain
  • If you want, you can move python code from one side to another without any change, which means this language is very portable. 
  • Free and Open-source contributed.
  • Python language necessity is growing rapidly, that’s why Python became a world-famous programming language.

Road Map of learning Python programming language

Everyone wants to learn the Python programming language, but they don’t know where to start and learn. That makes learning any language without structure, or perfect guidelines makes it so tough.

Here I share step by step of Python needed section that learn to you this process-

# Learn Python programming basic for python starts 

  1. Basic Syntax
  2. Variable and datatype
  3. Conditionals
  4. Function, bulletins functions
  5. Type coasting, Exceptions
  6. Lists, tuples, Sets, Dictionaries

# Database system and Algorithm that help to learn python

  1. Arrays and linked lists
  2. Heaps, Stacks and queues
  3. Hash table
  4. Binary Search trees
  5. Recursion
  6. Shorting Algradium

# Advanced topic to know-

  1. Regular Experrision
  2. Decorators
  3. Lambdas
  4. OOP
  5. Methods and Dunders
  6. Inheritance
  7. Classes
  8. Iterators
  9. Modules>Buttons>Sections

# Version controls systems read more this section-

  1. Basic Git usage

# Basic Git usage this must to learn

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
  3. Bitbucket

# Package managements need to know-

  1. PyPI
  2. Pip

# Learn frameworks here, including points-

  1. Synchronous 
  • Dango
  • Flash
  • Pyramid

2. Asynchronous

  • Event
  • aiohttp
  • Tornado
  • Sanic

# Test your apps

  1. Unittest
  2. Nose
  3. Pytest
  4. Doctor

Above all of these, you must learn step by step if you want to become an expert in the Python programming language. If you don’t have any programming experience, you start learning Python at any time. 

It provides a simple syntax that is fully accessible. That’s why you read python programming as you read English commands.

When you are able to learn above these under Python programming language, you are fully skilled in Python and work as a professional python expert. Then you learn any needed thing if your work purposes. 

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