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Beyond a doubt, long form content not only enriches your brand value also it is a advanced-level SEO strategy. Don’t be buck up try to understand all terms related to long form content. Today I will show you a clear concept about long form content SEO advantage so that you can understand what SEO tricks you need to follow and what quality you need to ensure for ranking in the search engine’s top position. 

Why need long content, what the benefits and negative effects are.

Let’s go start…

Google depth content writing guidelines clearly mentioned there have many opportunities if you can write depth content to follow our guidelines.

What is long-form blog content?

Long form content is broad descriptive content, Averagely 6000 words with detailed discussion in a particular topic so that you can get ample data in one content. The main object of long form content is to explain complex sentences in detail explanation with instructional guidance.

Long form blog content has more positivity signs for returning old users and getting new users or increasing other page click rates. 

If you want to explore it Why do you try to write a board content?

Yes, I can give you a few features examples of long content-


Cover Details information about a common topic.

Add tutorial with broad descriptions.

Course selling or E-book writing.

Researchable content with statistical reports.

Long form blog content benefit

  • The increasing trust
  • Increase site brand authority
  • Gives authorship markup
  • Targets many keywords in one article
  • Long form content has great SEO advantages.
  • Help for getting return traffic
  • Easy to grab backlinks
  • Easy to attract user
  • Users will stay enough time on a page
  • Get more engagement of the user
  • Cost-effective promotions

When you plan for any promotional actions there no need to promote differently for the same types of keywords. Because it will be easy rather than send many titles in the same email.

Expert’s opinion for long form blog content

To clear your doubt, Now I will mention some popular website owners’ thoughts, What they exactly think about broad blog content.

  1. Ignite visibility university website: After analyzing 1000 blog posts almost 70% are holding the top 20 positions because the maximum is contained around 1500 to 4000 words content.
  1. NewsWhip website: Found that long articles always get a maximum share from the user. That company noticed that one of their long content is 3,435 words which got almost 220000 shares within 1 year.
  1. Brain Dean: Owner of baklinko website, he strongly recommends writing comprehensive content. He said ‘’comprehensive content strongly correlated with higher ranking’’.
  1. According to the Wordstream website: Their content was around 1k words,they grab huge traffic but do not get return traffic, direct traffic, or brand searches.  recently they changed their strategy and they started getting extraordinary good results. They also got tripping on-site experience from 1:30 to 4:30 minute averagely.
  1. According to Neil Patel’s website: It increases on-site time because users will give enough time to read the content. Which carries a positive sign in google ranking. Plus users can click other page content to read.

Long form content SEO advantage as Google Guidelines

Helpful for SEO ranking

In SEO long form content is called parental content which brings a positive sign to increase ranking possibility. 

Because its user will get a detailed discussion with instructions. Long content makes it very simpler and easier to understand.

User experience will satisfy google count it as good informative content.

Helpful for getting backlinks

Good and widely discuss content represent a source of information so it’s not tough to get a reference from other sites. 

When one keyword will cover completely a broad topic the user will trust your site authority and can help to get a backlink.

Helpful for schema data

Surprisingly most of the long form content gets top featured snippets result, FAQ snippets, rich snippets. 

Snippets will help you increase click rate, increase brand value, and overall SEO ranking. It’s an advanced-level SEO strategy, if your experience you will understand how much helpful featured snippets are- here long content would be a plus point.

Balancing bounce rate

User will stay enough time on a particular page until finishing the content, If it’s short content then the user will shortly scroll down then exit from this page.

If maximum users will exit instantly without reading your content or give very short time Google will count it a bad experience. So the overall result would be downranked.

Google loves broad discussion in the particular topic because users will get every information within one topic.

Holding top position in long time

Some positive signs will help hold the top searching position for a long time like quality content, user satisfaction, cloaking time, backlinks here every sign existing long form content.

Increase conversation rate

Longer content represents ins and outs topics so that users can get researchable data. 

You know if your site comment feedback is good, google takes it positively in ranks better. 

We got a study result which shows that long form content ranks better than short form content’’. Because it represents all topic under a single keyword.

Though I didn’t get any strong research report that broad content must rank higher. But undoubtedly, broad content increases brand value content value, customer engagement, and overall SEARp results.

NOTE: I didn’t mean only longer content is better am saying longer quality content is better than shorter content.

Negative side of long form content

I think you have demand to know the bad side of long from content because I got many of longtail content which has not satisfactory ranking position.

 I didn’t try to find behind the reason for lower-ranking but now I will tell you some negative side effects of long form content.

However many website owners can think long content has the great potentiality to rank.

But you should know Google knows this matter.

Google already updates thin content’’ which content don’t include rich information, relevant keyword, and user-friendly data. They target only depth content but not the quality of that level. Google will take action against them.

Check this screenshot

Now,I will give you short points bad sides of long content

  • Hard to find core data

Users would think it a waste of time because users want core values or particular data for a topic, so there has no meaning to read the full content and find out exact info.

  • Need a long time with big investment

Dfineatly it takes huge time much statistical data, questionnaire reports, research data, creative picture design manpower to organize all data structurally which also is costly. 

  • Exagerate presentation

Sometimes content creators think it long form content so discuss every topic broadly, after he makes a simple matter very complicated. 

If there have no value no interesting point really it’s nothing but exaggeration.

  • Irrelevant information

Most of the time content creator adds many irrelevant words to go out of the box, which maximum is not related to the main title or heading. Irrelevant content information can be the reason for irritation and bad user experience

  • The title does not represent all heading

If you don’t write well research articles mostly will go out of the box, sometimes including all headings that do not represent the main heading1.

What types of content should be long form content?

Here have no bounded guidelines from search engines but as an SEO specialist, I can say most of the following cases we need to write long content:-

  • Highly competitive keyword content
  • Short tail keywords content
  • Page parental content
  • Audience demand
  • Tutorial,Ebook,complete guidelines,history,biography
  • Research content

Normally, A blog writer should focus long content when he will compete with big DA/DR websites.

Which content is highly competitive and tough to rank top search position this type of content you can write in long form.

Because Google considers it parental content if it’s not ranked at the top it doesn’t matter when you write another related content that time it will be easy to rank.

I don’t know the name of any tools which can help you to find supporting content or parental content. But you should remember long content help to enrich the authority of content.

How many words need to write for getting long form content SEO advantage?

I saw most digital marketing giant webiste BACKLINKO/SIMRUSH/NEIPATEL always gives broad content research example:

Backlinko: How to Rank on Page 1 of Google FAST (In-Depth Case Study)

Its almost 2100 words-

Another topic: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2022)

Its almost 8000 words-

Above both are ranked in the top position but have huge differences in length of words.


NOTE: I did a short study of big digital marketing content creator websites’ most top rankable topics.

Top five digital marketing websites like HUBSPOT, SEJ, SIMRUSH, THEBUFFERBLOG, and others most giant digital marketing content creators their maximum blog post length are 2000 to 6000 words.

You will be astonished!

Most giant website HUBSPOT’s maximum rankable content is almost 5000 to 15000 words.

Besides the above discussion, I will give you some bullet points so that you can do a close idea of how many words need to create long form content.

  • Digital marketing niches

Digital marketing topics maxima are guidelines related and instructional content. So here long form content considers a parental topic. So maximum rankable instructional content starts from 2000 words to 10000 words.

  • Technology review niches:

Averagely it’s around 300 words to 1500 words- review websites don’t need to write deeply. They just focus on core features of tech and comparison and customer feedback.

  • Programming based niches

I review the top five programmings-based website TREEHOUSE-KHANACEDEMY-COURSERA-UDEMY-PYTHONORG- actually they focus right value on instructional operations not focus on wordy content.

  • Tutorial niches

Normally it’s around 2000 words to 5000 tutorial niche websites focus start to finish complete guidelines and use many simpler words and ways to teach easily

So, in short, I can say-Content length depends on your niche and purpose if you write parental topic content definitely you have to write around 4000 words. If you write a tutorial it will be around 5000 words that’s why am saying it depends on your purposes.


Length does not represent a brand. Brand is a combination of uniqueness, quality data, and user-friendly structure. So don’t forget to know your audience, focus user intention on what they are finding? Then focus on content length. 

If you can include the right value with the right length definitely google will give a positive signal to rank top search position.

Drop your thought in the comment box, Is my content useful? Or where needs updates? 

Frequently ask questions

  1. IS long form content helpful for SEO?

ANSWER: Undoubtedly long content increase good page experience with a somewhat better ranking.

  1. Is it helpful to acquire backlinks from the marketplace?

ANSWER: It will be easier to grab backlinks also will be cost-effective because you don’t need to expend money frequently for similar keywords.

  1. Is it a fully bad idea to write short content?

ANSWER: No, sometimes short content would be effective but we must understand keywords, what exactly demand is.

  1. Precise content or long content which is better?

ANSWER: None of the irrelevant content is good, you should consider user intention then decide the content length.

  1. Has any proof long form content SEO advantages?

ANSWER: BACKLINKO website is a great example of long form content SEO benefits because their website’s maximum blog post are depth and researchable.

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