Outbound link guidelines in Google

Outbound links are links given from your webpage for another webpage or website.

I think outbound links can help you create reader trustability, identify source information, increase search results and increase the value of content.

The outbound link refers to another source website link where you collect data or hint at data.

There have some bounded rules to use in an anchor text with Nofollow or Dofollow links. If you don’t have enough data in your collection then it can affect your website SEO ranking.

When you need to give credit to someone or mention good information there should be anchor text relevant links.

One of the best search engine developers said— John Mueller, Google-

‘’Linking to other websites is a great way to provide value to your users. Often, links help users to find out more, to check out your sources, and to better understand how your content is relevant to the questions that they have.’’

I think the outbound link does not issue but the issue is attribution. If you have known proper guidelines of using the accurate attribute for links so there have no problems

Outbound links help the reader to leave your website and visit another website for getting more information.

Importantly SEO actually related to three types of links

  • Outbound Links
  • Inbound Links
  • Internal Links

But today’s I will discuss only outbound links.

When you should not use Nofollow attributions

  • You might know when you won’t use Nofollow attribution it will count automatically as dofollow links. So it’s very clear if a link is not Nofollow this automatically will be a Dofollow link.
  • If you think it’s just a resource link so don’t need to use it as Nofollow attribution because it will use as only for resources.
  • If you have no intention to sell paid links or sponsored links so don’t use Nofollow links attribution.
  • If you have only intended to use it only for reference links, extra information links, important links so it will not count as spam links so you don’t need to use Nofollow attribution links.
  • Nofollow links look like natural links so don’t hesitate to use Nofollow links as resources or references.
  • Don’t use any links such as Nofollowlinks as Nofollow which sites are looks like spam or low value.
  • Don’t use any Nofollow attribute which intention to manipulate search rank.
  • Sponsored Outbound Links:

Mark those links as sponsored so that your reader can understand the value of that links.

You have to use sponsored attribute’’ for any sponsored post, commercial post, or any advertisement intended links.


Paid or Sponsored links attribute

<a rel=”sponsored” href=”https://cheese.example.com/Appenzeller_cheese”>Appenzeller</a>

Google SEO strictly recommended following paid links guidelines neither of these links can be counted as scam links. I think you have known, scamming links can be the reason for the google penalty.

  • Natural Links:

There is huge value if you create natural links which make sense. Because outbound links help you identify the reader’s credibility and help you to get an extra source of data.

  • Use Nofollow links:

If you have no intention to endorse, rank, or sponsor so Nofollow is the best way. So use the Nofollow value when you want to use it for only natural links. In some cases, Nofollow links help to improve search and improve content value.

Example of Nofollow attribute:

When you want to include any links as Nofollow so type the following words.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://cheese.example.com/Appenzeller_cheese”>Appenzeller</a>

  • Use UGC Nofollow links

In some cases need to include User-Generated Content[UGC]. Here you have to add value rek’’ugc’’. Google strictly recommends using the UGC attribute.


<a rel=”ugc” href=”https://cheese.example.com/Appenzeller_cheese”>Appenzeller</a>

This attribution process allows google to understand better way than others so Google developers recommend using that attribution.

  • Strengthening The Content Value

Nofollow links never affect your site ranking but they add content value. If you can add Nofollow links naturally, readers can engage more relevant information. Now Google not using ‘rel’ value as rank factors.

Follow Google attribution systems:

It clearly mentioned in Google updates:

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