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Bad user experience in a website is also a punishable crime online because it misled users, stimulated them to do wrong things, and motivate them to use the black hat strategy. If your website makes everything difficult for users to get information, get instructions, and a structural view, it calls bad user experience. 

So, suppose you want to make a good user experience on a website. In that case, you need to improve gradually by following all search engine guidelines and strategical approaches, which is not possible in a single day. It’s a very sensitive term in Google because bad user experience can manual report action offensive in google guidelines.

So Todays, I will show you the major reasons for bad user experience and 

Key points:-

-Reasons for bad user experience

-Symptoms of bad user experience

-Explanation of why and how that reasons create the bad user experience

How Bad Your User Experience Impact Your Website

  1. Visitors will not come to your website.
  2. Website lost the web traffic. 
  3. Harmful for your google absence
  4. It is also harmful to promoting your business and also your earnings.
  5. Your website lost the google ranking.
  6. The website will face google penalty.

Core Reasons Of Bad User Experience in website

  1. Slow-loading website

When your website has unoptimized image and javascript issues, too much flash content, for this reason, your website has a slow loading problem. Slow loading problems in the website also create a bad user experience.

Symptoms Of Slow Loading Website

In this article, we will inform you of the symptoms of slow loading website.

  • Unoptimized Image: If you use a high-resolution image or an unoptimized image on your website. Your website takes too much time for loading, which is the symptom of slow loading.
  • Error Java Script Issue: A javascript program in the most useful things in your website. When you see the error javascript issue in your website, your website has a slow loading problem.
  • HTTP Request: Too much excessive HTTP Request is the symptom of slow loading website.
  • Unclean Code: Getting unclean code from a website is a symptom of slow loading website.
  • GZIP Compression: you are enabled to use GZIP Compression in your website so that your website has a slow loading problem.


Many well-known company websites have a slow loading problem. Now I am going to show some examples.

CNN.COM is a slow-loading website.

Why Slow loading Website Create Bad User Experience?

  • User Give Up:  For taking longer to load a page, users give up their hopes for getting information.
  • Satisfaction: The user is not satisfied with using your website if your website has this problem.
  • Code Density:  For code density, web elements will negatively affect users’ interest in your website.
  • Image lazy loading: when a user currently sees an image and cannot scroll it or takes time for loading, it will create a bad user experience.
  • Server delays: If it takes too much time, at the moment, it will show “could not connect server.” It’s so much irritating for a user
  1. Content Quality

Expressive Flash content is the cause of slow loading websites. Excessive flash content can slow down website load speed. Flash content tends to be heavier, and more of it will impact the speed of website functions.


  • Hard to understand:  unclear writing hard to understand 
  • Lengthy Content:  Using passive voice in content also using hyperbola.
  • Inconvenient: Inconvenient content doesn’t write a path for every direction.
  • Unhelpful Content:  Unhelpful content leaves people with the unanswered question.
  • Unusable Content:  Unusable content makes it hard for people to engage website.


The content definition is what is inside or includes is something. An example of content is beans inside of a jar.

Why This Reason Website Create Bad User Experience

  • User Boringness:  If your website content is not useful or interesting. Reader or user cannot find the information. So, they feel irritating.
  • Bad Content Design:  If your content design is not good. So, the user cannot take it nicely. So that’s the reason for the bad user experience.
  • MisSpelling:  If your content has so many misspellings so users cannot understand your writing properly, this can create a bad user experience.
  • Unwanted Image:  In content, if you use so many unwanted images. The user will not be satisfied with your website.
  • Low and large content: If your content has too low quality or too large, it can create a bad user experience.
  1. Bad Image

Image is the most essential for your website. A good image is an identity for your website.

Symptoms Of Bad Image

  • Loading time: your image takes much time for loading.
  • Suck Photos: If your website image sucks during the loading in iPad or windows, this is the symptom of a bad image.
  • Visual Noise:  If your image creates a visual noise, this is the symptom of a bad image.
  • Distortion:  Your image should not appear pixelated. If your image uses high-quality assets with distortion, it calls a bad image.
  • Mediums:  If your image doesn’t have the use of multiple mediums. So, it’s a bad image.


A good image is the anchor and hook of a good website. There is an example of a bad image on the website.

Why This Bad Image Website Create Bad User Experience

  • Large Image Problem:  When you use a large image on your website, viewers who use a mobile phone cannot see the photo.
  • Missing Information on Photo:  When a user visits your website and cannot get the real information on the image, that will create a bad user experience.
  • Product details missing photo:  when your business website does not use the product photo with the details, that will create a bad experience user.
  • Blurred Image:  If you use a blurred image on your website. It cannot show clearly to the visitors. It will create a bad user experience.
  • Random Picture:  Random pictures on your website can create a bad user experience.
  1. Bad Design

If your website is difficult to browse and has accessibility issues, it is a bad design website. A bad design in your website is harmful to your website, creating a bad user experience.

Symptoms Of Bad Design

  • Hard To Follow Navigation: Everything will not be organized; it will be hard to follow the navigation features with simple menus.
  • Without A Clear Message: A bad design website cannot provide a clear message.
  • Too Many Elements: A website should have a clear layout. If the page has too many elements or is cluttered, it’s hard to navigate.
  • No Mobile Optimization: Web traffic coming from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t have mobile optimization, your website cannot get traffic.
  • Lack Of Links: If your website doesn’t have any external or internal useful links, that that’s is a symptom of bad design.

Example Of Bad Design Website

It’s not easy to design a good website with beautiful functions. Here we show you some bad design website examples.


Why Bad Design Website Create Bad User Experience

  • Unuseful Tools:  In a bad design, some useful tools create a bad user experience.
  • Lack of awareness: Some websites still do not have the inherent value of a high-Quality. So, this can create a bad user experience.
  • Too much flashy animation: Animation can have a professional purpose on a website. But too much flashy animation is not good for your website.
  • Bad content:  Content is the most important thing in your web design. If you use bad content on your website, it is not good for your users. It can create a bad experience.
  • Thin and light fonts:  If your website fonts don’t look good, it cannot receive good user feedback.
  1. Spamming

Web spamming is a technique used by some websites to try and cheat their way to the top of the search engine results page.

Symptoms of spamming website

  • Viruses: If you use a spamming website, your website will attack by a virus.
  • Coding vulnerabilities: Coding vulnerabilities like SQLi, XSS, RCE, etc., cannot work properly if your website is a spamming website.
  • Server vulnerability: Server vulnerability cannot work properly if your website is spamming.
  • Clean up: The clean-up function won’t work in a spamming website.
  • Mitigation: You cannot use mitigation on your website if your website is spamming.

Example of the spamming website

Without proper tags on your webpage, we can be called this kind of webpage a spamming website. Here we will give you some examples of spamming websites.


Example 2:

Why do spamming websites create a bad user experience?

  • Lack of security: A spamming website doesn’t have SSL on its site. So, that’s the reason for to lack of security. So, users do not feel secure in your website.
  • Cyber-Attacks: A spamming website is always worried about cyber-attacks, and as a result, the user is afraid of losing important information.
  • Untrusted and low quality: A spamming website is not trusted and high-quality. So, this can create a bad user experience.
  • Missing anti-spam plugins: Users are not satisfied with using your website without anti-spam plugins. That’s the reason for creating a bad user experience.
  • Low-quality RECAPTCHA: A low-quality RECAPTCHA can cause of bad user experience.


So, last, we can say that if you want to make a good website for your 

business or other creative work, you need to improve your user experience. A bad user experience will huge impact to increase conversation rate, search ranking, content indexing, balancing traffic, and returning old users again.

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