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Every term is crucial in advance level SEO, today I will talk about Google rich results.

Key points:

-What is Google rich result/rich snippet/rich cards 

-Objectives of rich results

-Important of Rich results

-Relations between Rich result and SEO

A rich result is also known as a rich snippet, enriched result, rich card; it helps search results show extra information.

Usually, rich results present core data of a particular page, such as review ratings, vote, logo, and other crucial terms.

Rich result additional data generated by Google structured language that site operator add their site.

Still, Google doesn’t declare rich results can help your site ranking, but as an SEO expert, I can understand Rich Snippets helps understand the intent of site content and specifically understand what needs to appear in search results.

Many professionals declared there is no relation between rich results and SEO, but I’m afraid I disagree with them because they can indirectly impact search ranking, clicking rate, and others.

Google officially use only three formates of schema markup

  1. Microdata
  2. RDFa
  3. JSON-LD

Here JSON-LD is recommended by Google.

Still, if you are confused about understanding normal search results and the rich results, look at these two pictures.

Normally search results show a URL, title, and meta descriptions.


But rich results show some extra information for a particular page


Category of search rich result

Google allowed many types of rich result opportunities; here are some most popular snippets are:-

  • Review Rating
  • FAQ
  • Event
  • Video
  • Logo
  • Blog Article
  • Q & A
  • Podcast

You can see more Google snippets platform opportunities.

Rich results main objectives are:

  • Show special search result
  • Contain valuable information
  • Overview of content or search topics
  • Increase Click rate
  • Eye-catching search result
  • Help users to find reliable data

Main Relations between rich results & SEO

Rich results lonely dose does not impact SEO results, but if we think deeply, it will impact.

A good SEO depends on many factors if we think about an advanced level, so YES! The rich result can improve search results.

Rich result synchronized blog website page such as Service page, blog page, contact us, terms & condition. You may understand how it important is to appear in search results.

Indirectly rich results will help get instant index in Google search consol green signal. It’s a fully white hat way to get the instant index of any content.

Snippets here do not need optimization, so don’t worry; you need to set up structure data. To set up snippets, you can follow Google Combination Links. 

It’s not related only to search ranking; rich results ultimately improve brand identity trustability and increase returnable customers.

If you have a blog website or news website, rich can give you more clicks and a good user experience. 

If your website is business-related, like products selling, review dating site, video course, or event advertising website, you need to add snippets; believe me, it’s extremely helpful to attract new customers.

If you think rich result improve SEO ranking, it’s slightly right because Rich result helps to be more specific to appearance in search result.

Recently Google scholar Jhon said-

Importance of rich result

  • Rich results increase customer trust: Search results will show your site trustability rating score, representing your website differently. It represents trustable links and a short overview of your business.
  • Easy indexing: For a blog website, the rich result will help get easy indexing. You can follow subscription and paywalled content structure for synchronized blog content in search appearance.
  • Identifying brand: Rich results show your business rating, logo, and others data so that users can easily find your products.
  • Good user experience: User experience is an important term; it depends on various terms. If you want new customers, attractive search appearance, and increased user experience level, rich results can assist you.
  • Short overview: Rich result crucial objectives is a short overview about your business, brand, and others visibility.
  • Improve SEO ranking: Structure data sometimes helps to understand precisely your site content so slightly can improve site search ranking. Snippets is an advanced SEO strategy, so you should not think of it as a joke.
  • Professional look: Rich result gives you a professional search appearance because it will be your business rating, list, logo, or short overview, mostly appearance in professional business.
  • Increase CTR rating: FAQ snippets sometimes help to increase click rate and increase customer engagement. 

Final Recommendation

Snippets primarily increase click rate gives professional looks and brand visibility, so it’s not a small factor for a business website.

As a professional SEO expert, I can say snippets will impact SEO ranking and user experience. Anyway, for your information, Snippets is allowed for both voice search and manual typing search.

I believe a good comment can bound me to think new angle.

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