Set up a business Email guideline

Create a business email account

Email is an important part of an online marketplace to connect your audience. It can help with more sales and marketing for your business. Now I show for your purposes how to create a business email account on your hosting server. Let’s go-

  • Login to your hosting dashboard like godaddy.com here you sign in account
  • Go to Additional products
  • Click redeem then click create forward
  • Here typing your Business email name like [email protected]
  • Created your email

Now you are able to create an email for your business that shows your site branding.

How to send and receive mail using your business email

Set up a business email under your hosting then click the “Email” section that redirects to the email account tab. Here you see all created emails under your hosting account. Just create under your wanted email click Access webmail then you go to a webmail interface, it works without any clients or apps systems.

When using this system on your website all time you log in to your website dashboard then find out mail on your clients. If you want to avoid this, just set up a mail client link under your email. Mail clients help to see any kinds of devices like desktop or mobile view your mail under your email. 

DNS checking to add business Gmail

Domain Name System (DNS) loads internet resources on web browsers. That is why these are so important elements of any kind of website. Here I show how to check it.

>Go to tools then server settings

>If Alert message no finding MX then open a new tab

> Like godaddy.com host and click my account

> Go to my product-domain name

>DNS-ADD-type MX-most @- Print copy alert message 1st paste-Priori 0-save

>ADD-type [email protected] copy alert message 2nd paste-Priori 10-save 

>Go to alert message


Set up an account to SMTP2GO

Now I show how to add a client’s link or app under your email address. Here I use SMTP2GO tools that are totally free using the process in this article. See this instruction must be benefited this for your business email

>Open a new tab then write smtp2go.com

>1st click on a try for free

>Write your full name, Email address, and a strong Password

> Then click Signup account

Now you create a successful account under SMTP2GO free tools. Next process to Add smtp2go account to email account –

>Go to your Gmail account

>Under setting then click account and import

>Click Send us mail

>Here add another email address-name (like-GoDaddy support) that would be your business mail(like [email protected])

>Click smtp2go username & password copy and paste this place

>Click finish

>SMTP2Go mail-copy paste-port 25

>Add an account.-go to email-copy email code and paste


Remove send via massage

When you send and receive mail on your client using via clients tools sometimes you have to remove the send message on your SMTP2GO account. Now I will show you how to do this on your website.

>smtp2go.com under settings

>Click sender domain

>Add domain then click business mail

>Hosting GoDaddy.com-my account-my product- add-type text-ms-copy paste -save

Create a live chat board with crisp.com

Maximum online business owners want to add a live chat system to their website. That is why they need to use a plugin on their WordPress website. Now I will teach you how to create a live chat option on your WordPress business website using the Crisp free plugin.

>Go to new tab type Crispi.com

>Create an account on crisp

>Here provides full information that it wanted

>Write your website address

>Website name or URL then click continue button

>Connect crips account on your website

>Go to WordPress Dashboard then plugins section

>Add new plugins

>Search crips-install this plugin

>Click active

>Connect with crips then continue.

>Crips setting-go to inbox website

>Check it-setting

>Account add a profile picture

>Click save

Create a trigger (automatic message)

Under the crisp plugin on your website, you can set up automatic messages when someone visits your website and messages you. Just do this for automatic send messages

>Go to crips accounts

>Plugins under the trigger

>New trigger it turns on

>Click show message and  turn on

>Add a message

>Setup message add  and delay time setup like 4 sec

>Then click save

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