black hat SEO techniques

Black hat SEO tactics in 2022

Overview of Black Hat SEO Techniques

Stop kidding yourself this method is very popular for SEO. Following these black SEO strategies, many people earn huge money, get huge visitors and do affiliate marketing. Black hat method SEO is short technique for deceptive users.

Today I will share the best black hat SEO techniques that can boost your keyword ranking in short time, making traffic, Adsense earning and overall Google manipulation tactics. Many people earn huge money by doing black hat SEO strategy. This technique is not for every people, It is for just those who want quick ranking, huge visitors in a short time, huge earnings and trying to overcome competitors. There have many advantages and disadvantages to black hat techniques. But overall black hat method is only for specified people who want quick results with minimum effort. 

Best Black hat SEO tactics

Buying PBN quality links

Backlinks are 2nd most important part of ranking a keyword, when you see your keyword is ranking in the top 30 pages in Google then you should focus on link building. If your budget is low so focus on PBN niche-relevant backlinks. You can overcome your competitors when you buy bulk backlinks for ranking particular keywords after a few days. Within 200$ you can buy almost 100 dofollow backlinks on different websites. I am 100% sure within 1 month you can see amazing keyword ranking result. If you are unable to find Niche relevant sites so contact us for the best sites list.

I strictly recommended you don’t buy automated links generating tools because it will harm your website’s overall ranking and can be the reason of facing Google’s penalty. 

Automation content writing

Today many website owners use AI content writing tools. There have many benefits like saving money, writing long-form content, quality English words, meaningful sentences, saving time and effort.

If you are weak in English language or you have not enough time for writing content so use some best AI writing tools to write good content. I will suggest buying SKULNUT content writing tools because they work like SURFUR SEO tools and also focus on natural writing, SEO writing, average word against a keyword, NLP words, Rich words writing, research top-ranking blogs and give you plagiarism-free keywords.

Google strictly recommended you to avoid automated content writing techniques but When you focus on review writing, guest posting, social media posting, Google ads posting, or attractive product descriptions so AI tools can be the best option. For bulk guest posting you don’t have enough time so buy AI writing tools then do guest posts. Because auto generates tools can write high-quality content within a few seconds. Just input the rights keywords, heading, and other instructions and wait for finishing the content.

In some cases, AI content writers can create better content than humans. That’s because they are not biased by personal opinions or preconceived notions of what the final product should look like. However, most AI writers will still require some human input to create quality content.

Reporting competitors for negative SEO

You can report your competitors to Google for negative SEO strategies. It can harm their ranking position. Google allows you to report spam, paid links or malware sites. As a user, if you think your competitor’s content is spammy, backlinks are paid or bad user experience so report against this website to Google. Google will review your report if it’s true Google will penalty this type of website.

Comments on popular sites

It is known as spam comments strategy. It has both bad sides and good sides. Its 100% free backlinks strategy links generate by commenting on popular blog websites. When you give relevant and attractive blog comments they can approve your comment with your site backlinks. It’s nofollow backlinks but very effective for SEO improving results.


Cloaking is a deceptive search engine result that presents a different search result or URL. In a particular anchor text, you can include different site links when the user will click that anchor text redirect link will get visitors. If Google catches you are doing a cloaking strategy, you may face Google penalty. Mostly cloaking is used for taking the organic users to other links by showing different anchor text, It can create a very bad user experience if that content is not enough user friendly.

Some popular black hat SEO practices

  • Hidden link in content
  • Redirect linking in different anchor text
  • Hidden keywords in content
  • Buying links
  • Bad uses of rich snippets
  • Article spinning
  • Article translation
  • Video transcribing

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