The hacking factor of a WordPress website

Hacking factor of WordPress website
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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System and more useful that why also a popular target of hackers. Here all hackers target automated systems used to access WordPress websites finding high or low security weaknesses. Be it due to insufficient insecure themes and plugins or expertise of an owner or developer. WordPress is not only open source but also flexible, extensible and more supported by community active contributors that is why hackers comfort WordPress sector to fulfill their target. Now to show the hacking fact of a WordPress website.

Targeting sector a hacker in a WordPress website

1.Most popular CMS- WordPress is the most popular CMS in the World that powers over 30% of the web. Now 708 billion people using that popular WordPress platform build- up for their dream website. This is one of the most important points of WordPress’s popularity because WordPress CMS is not likely to stop soon. This is the place of greatest possibilities for new or expert developers. In the same vein, popularity also means the hacking factor of a WordPress website. Every hacker finds a WordPress platform including theme, plugins, database, username, passwords and more weak points then fulfill their target.

2.Lack of basic security- In your WordPress website has many places that must include security. But a new developer did not like this idea or something missing that is why the hacking factor of a WordPress website. 


3.Weak passwords- Hackers always target control over your WordPress website in this case steal your WordPress admin panel or login passwords. When any developer or website owner sets up weak or small passwords that is why the hacking factor of a WordPress website. Hackers know all WordPress users don’t use strong passwords on their website, which is one of the first targeting points of WordPress.


4.Comments– This is another hacking factor of a WordPress website because WordPress includes commands that also are spam. It is one of the process to include malware on your website.


5.Contact forms- Any form like payment form, contact form, subscription form or another form where every visitor includes their personal information that is the targeting point of a hacker.

6.WordPress database- When anyone creates a WordPress website this cms backend automatically builds up a database that simplifies store wp-prefix Website all information. When you don’t change this database it must be a hacking factor of your WordPress website.


7.WordPress theme-Many companies build up null themes for sale or increase their business, that does not include theme protection. Hacker target like this theme, when anyone installs these themes on their website that why hacking factor of a WordPress website.


8.Plugins- Plugin is an important part of a WordPress website, Every user uses a lot of plugins to attach attractive features to their website. When you add a new plugin on your website without knowing anything or an older version it will be a hacking factor of a WordPress website. 


9.WordPress core– WordPress system always protects your site core that not responsibilities but WordPress another thing up to date must see your responsibilities. When anything wants every hosting company not to be equal in their servicing sector on your website security. When you choose your site hosting unsecure like not including firewall and encryption, site security system, antivirus or anti-malware software, SSL, CDN and more protection servicing point because of hacking factor of a WordPress website. 


10.Records and activity log– Simplify the best security practices on a WordPress website to Records and an activity log. That always monitors what happens on your website. When you don’t set up these hacking factors of a WordPress website.


11.Two-factor authentication- Two-factor authentication is a security plugin that always fits against hackers to control your website. When anyone uses two-factor authentication on their website, the hacking factor of a WordPress website.


After hacking what to do on your website a hacker

  • Include malicious contents-

  • Steal business private information

  • Stael visitors personal information

  • Spread various

  • Host phishing page from your server

  • Overload your server

  • Steal your server bandwidth

  • Vandalized your site


Guideline to make secure your WordPress website

  1. Use the latest version of WordPress- When you install WordPress on your hosting server, you must select the latest version of WordPress. That is to always be up to date.

  2. The latest version of the theme and the plugins- Build your website popular and latest version on theme and use good servicing of secure plugins that should be updated.

  3. Reset all inactive users-Keeping inactive users increases your site’s attractive possibilities, especially if administrators or other users can modify the website’s contents, weak points that weak passwords. That case inactive users want to need subscribers so they are unable to change the database section. 

  4. Security configuration- When the web server doesn’t find any index content or file then show directory listing on your website. Disclose this listing on index.php or .htaccess to config security

  5. Restricted access to the wp-admin directory

  6. Disables file editing

  7. HTTPS enable all wp-admin and login area

  8. Execute prevent PHP file 

  9. More secure debug log

  10. Complex security keys


Always remember as a WordPress website owner to protect your website hackers must do this point regularly without during.

  • Backing up your full website regularly can help your site secure because unexpected things happen on your site. At this point import back up file this section that can be safe.

  • Ensure site security every step like theme, plugins, server, network and your computer that helps your site safe.

  • Must be secure your all website-related passwords

  • Use a popular and responsive latest version security plugin on your WordPress website.

  • Buy positive SSL that protected any spam on your website

  • Try to use CDN on your WordPress website

When you follow these on your website you may be kept safe on your website from hackers.

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