Top 10 Free Website Analytics Tools

There are so many free website analytics tools on online platforms. We can call website analytics tool a way of collecting, analyzing, and reporting those data and understanding and optimizing web usage. Here is a high range of web analytics tools that give a simple report for your traffic trends track user behavior and website conversation.

First of all, we need to know what is website analytics tools and what does it do? 

So, website analytics tools can help you find the problem of your website, wherefrom visitors come, how much time stay a particular page, which page is most popular, what types of changes are required, last month or last year’s performance, and Google AdSense performance.

Today I will suggest some best free website analytics, also some paid analytics tools, core features, and problems.

Let’s talk about some Free Website Analytics Tools.

Top 10 free website analytics tools

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free website analytics tools. That can help you to analyze your business website data with ease.

Google Analytics gives you that type of service as, It tracks your blogs, social networks, websites and gives the result of your customization. Let’s know more about Google analytics.


  • These free website analytics tools help you know how many people use your website. You can see it in an open-source 
  • These tools organize your data in a better way and enable your data
  • You can use this tool in your mobile app, and also it has the desktop version 
  • These tools also provide reporting tools
  • You can easily compare it with other Google products. 
  • Here, you can describe your problem and get a solution easily. 
  • Here you can get help with your website traffic. 
  • You can get here Universal Analytics Tracking Code
  •  In 2022 it launched a new feature called Cross-channel Data-driven attribution. 
  • They have a 24 our active community to solve your website problem and make a better website. 

Amount of active users report 

In the active user report, we can show the number of users who visited our website at least once in the 1,7,14 selection period.

Google Analytics gives you a picture of your active user like that.

Con’s of Google Analytics

  • The data from Google Analytics is completely anonymous. You will not be able to see this information and communicate with anyone personally, so you will have to rely on your CMS, DBMS, for personal access.
  • In addition, Google Analytics does not yet provide a hit map of its interface, so you cannot view the hit map of your website.
  •  It would be best to use a third-party tool to view the hit map.
  •  Google also does not offer you any visitor recordings. Significantly, if you use Yandex Metrica, it gives you access to visitor recordings, so you can see a complete recording of how a visitor used your website.
  •  The free version of the Google Analytics service is not so good. They don’t offer any good service for free.

2. Oribi Analytics tools

Oribi is an analytics tool designed to help businesses, eCommerce stores, and marketing agencies to increase conversions on their site – based on the right data, absolutely code-free, and without the need for an analyst. 

Oribi offers a great solution for codeless event tracking, actionable insights, smart funnels, event interactions, single visitor travel, custom reports, full marketing specialties, channel performance analysis, and much more.


  • Insights & Trends: 
  • You can receive real drive results
  • You can understand the trends easily 
  • You can find all information that you needs for your website 

  • Oribi makes your websites fully independent from developers.
  • Button click and page visiting information you can get easily 
  • Without any code, you can ger conversation goal 
  • Oribi’s optimization features help to fix your website problems
  • Oribi helps you easily track your website 
  • Oribi’s smart filters help to build your page
  • Oribi customized your page; logos look etc.
  • You can sing up hare free.
  • Oribi’s Marketing Attribution features solves problems easily 

Amount of active users

In oribi, they have 187 million unique active users.

Con’s of oribi

  • Oribi have limited offer
  • They have no free option, only have 14 days trial
  • Oribi’s pricing is so high
  • Limited reporting capability 
  • It Doesn’t have susceptible to customization 

3. StatCounter

StatCounter is a website related to website traffic analysis. Any user can register for free on StatCounter and view their website visitor statistics and analytics statistics. It was established in 1999.


  • you can analyze your traffic trends time
  • You can track your paid traffic and also get a refund
  • you can get a visitor alert 
  • Using visitor alert, you cannot miss any visitors 
  • you can see Visitors engage post
  • you can analyze your Google keyword data

  • you can add descriptive information for your visitors 
  • You can get the complete story about your page in your inbox 
  • You can check your bounce rate
  • You can see the real-time live feed of your visitors. 

Amount of active users

Over 2,000,000 bloggers, SEO professionals, web designers, and others use Statcounter to grow their business. 

Con’s of StatCounter

  •  The design overall looks a bit outdated even though they recently changed it.
  • The script that needs to be placed to track can be improved.
  • Not robust enough to do more advanced analytics like customer segmentation.
  • The interface isn’t as clean as other tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Found it wasn’t very accurate when traffic on the website got too high.

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a business analysis services company. Its track user connections and mobile apps report give you every detail for your website.

Okay great! We are going to talk about Mixpanel analytics tools features and con’s


The main features of Mixpanel are:

  • you can use A/B Testing
  • It has Retention Features
  • Versatile Data Visualization
  • it has iOS & Android Compatibility
  • Point and Click Analytics
  • You can get Visual Coding
  • Customer Engagement
  • Annotations
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Autotrack

Amount of active users

Approximately 15,000,00 have active users in the mix panel.

Con’s of Mixpanel

  • There are many technical issues 
  • Customer support is now enable 
  • There are many “visual” and GUI tools, but the export API is very limited and badly documented.
  • There are discrepancies between its data and the data in our data warehouse.
  • Their support system is weak.

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg lets you create heat maps and track every click based on your visitors’ specific clicks within the long haul of your website, where they continue to explore the usability of your website. 

This tool lets you see which parts of your site users are most interested in and click on the most.

Features of crazy Egg

  • Multivariate Testing
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Performance Metrics
  • Problem Area Alerts
  • Quantitative Metrics
  • Radial Mapping
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Real-Time Data
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Real-Time Notifications

Amount of active users

Crazy Egg has 1,000,00 active users 

Con’s of Crazy Egg

  • Crazy Egg only has heat mapping with very limited visualizations.
  • The A/B testing is not smooth.
  • It could have a free plan (like some time ago), but now you have to choose a paid plan and test it for 30 days.
  • The pricing is a bit higher than other available tools.
  • The methodology is a little hard to understand.

So, lastly, we can say those are the 5 most popular free website analytics tools. I hope this article is useful for our readers. 

6. Hubspot 

Hubspot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service; Hubspot was founded in 2006 by Brian Holligan and Dharremesh shah.

Features of Hubspot 

  1. There is an amazing feature, a name bend box. Here are developers can find their code.
  2. The Business units Polar from Hubspot can build the domain tools
  3. Hubspot now gives you flexible and associate records with many contacts, deals, and tickets.
  4. You can create and add labels in Hubspot associations.
  5. Hubspot has three more key factors: data syne, data es management, and Programmable automation.
  6. Custom Behavioral Event with marketing is a Powerful feature 
  7. Forecasting is a new feature in Hubspot which helps to allow sales reps. 
  8. Customer Portal fractures help to gain insight and ownership.
  9. Hubspot has a modern Payment Process. 
  10. You can use it for free.

Hubspot Pricing 

 You can use Hubspot for free with limited tools and features. If you want more featured, you need to buy it for $540/year.

Source: HubSpot Pricing

Amount of active users

Nearly 128,000 active users use Hubspot. 

Con’s of Hubspot 

  1. Hubspot Pricing is so expensive 
  2. Hubspot’s Dynamic configuration and sugar CRM are not configurable
  3. Hubspot’s collection data is not comfortable 
  4. It takes a long time to get started. 
  5. It has limited templates.

 7. Yandex Metrica 

Yandex grit is one of the mos Populer digital analytics systems. It can process a huge amount of data. It works for websites and reports, and traffic. 

Features of Yandex Metrica

  • You can see where your website traffic data 
  • You can see the bel website traffic data on desktop and mobile also the updated version in real-time 
  • You can discover here the audience location device and block users
  • You can get a great business e-commerce Performance here.
  • You can discover here the different user’s groups engage with your site 
  • You can get Ad hoc reporting and powerful segmentation. 
  • You can automate the management Operations by creating or deleting codes.
  •  You can build here the attribution models.
  • Here, you can get engagement and loyalty. 
  • Here, you can track your custom events.

 Yandex Metrica Pricing 

     Yandex Metrica is a completely free Product.

Source: https://metrica.yandex.com/about/info/pricing 

Active users of Yandex Metrica 

Nearly 100k active users have Yanden Metrcica  

Source: google play store 

con’s of Yandex Metrica 

  1. Here is the official version in the Russian language.
  2. Sometimes it shows weird English translation.
  3. Always it shows complex reports. 
  4. Yander metric navigation Platform is not good. 
  5. Reports are hard to find here.

3. Baidu Analytics

Baidu Analytics is a Chinese website analytics tool. It launched in 2009. There are so many analytics reports that you can create a view on Baidu Analytics.

 Features of Baidu Analytics 

  • You can find it here for fast, extremely lightweight, and advanced features. 
  • But you can use Baidu analytics in your desktop and Android operating systems 
  • Software and services Produced by Baidu do not pose any risk to the computer system.
  • Baidu analytics offer many user-specific platforms 
  • You can find here many Chinese users. 
  • Baidu analytics has artificial intelligence for recognizing the behavior of the network.
  • Baidu Analytics is a software that is only for the big paid tools 
  • The Baidu analytics database is all in the cloud. 
  • The malware sean takes place in real-time. ceiling 
  • It’s easy to use interface. 

 Baidu analytics Pricing 

This website analytics tool is free of cost. 

Source: Chooseoxygen Price

Amount of active users

Nearly 222 million active users have Baidu analytics

 Con’s of Baidu analytics  

  • Report system is error 
  • Here, antivirus always crashes. 
  • It has technical characteristics.
  • It also has language difficulties. 
  • It has a Problem with Crashes or bugs 

4. Full story 

The full story is about an intelligence system. It helps to optimize the website client experience.

 Features of Full Story 

  • The full story has a session and Digital analytics for the website. 
  • You can engage here your Page views per session.
  • Here, you can show Entry and exit page data elegantly.
  • The software automation tracks the standard user. 
  • You can set up custom variables to track the page activity
  • You can retain the bounce rate. 
  • You can get the track user return Rates
  • Here, you can see how many users Proceed down a certain path to conversion.
  • Here, Track users can return the rate.
  • Here, you can get a real-time report.

You can use Full Story pricing for the free trial for 14 days. But the package Price is $199.

Source: fullstory Pricing 

 Amount of active users  

Nearly 50,000 users have a full story. 

Source: google 

Con’s of the full story

  • Figure out ass selection tools is not good 
  • It was so much expensive. 
  • Getting data from the full story is skewed.
  • The dashboard of the full story is not customizable 
  • Here, the triggers are needed to be more customizable.

 5. Hotjar

 Hotjar is one of the free website analysis tools. Hotjar is an intuitive, visual way to discover, consolidate and communicate user needs. 

Features of Hotjar 

  1. Hotjar has a UX toolbox that helps you to watch how people interact with your site
  2. Here, you can watch the recording of People who navigate your page. 
  3. You can get here specific traffic to the source.
  4. Here, you can save any filter combination. 
  5. Here, you can get heatmap analytics data. 
  6. You can customize the Incoming feedback to your brand. 
  7. You can see the widget on your site in Hot Jare platform, 
  8. You can get forward incoming feedback replies from a support email.
  9. You can trigger user actions.
  10. You can use hotjar to run your net promoter.  

Hotjar Pricing  

The Basie version of hotjar is free forever. If you want to use Business Version, it will take $99 Per/ month.

Source: Hotjar Pricing

Active users of hotjar 

 Nearly 200 million active users have hotjar

Con’s of Hotjar

  • They don’t have a premium consulting service 
  • They don’t have funnel support on a single page application 
  • They have 3rd party applications.
  • It has video rending issues
  • It has billed for agencies 

Why do we need website analytics tools?

  • For an online business page, it needs to take raw data so, that’s why we need website analytics tools. 
  • Website analytics tools help to build a webpage.
  • Website analytics tools help to know visitors interacts on your site
  • This tool helps you to identify your best-performing content.
  • It helps to track your conversation 


So, lastly, we want to say that if you want to grow your page performance, you need to use website analytics tools. Here you will get every report and update, also you can identify your manual action report or other big changes if happens. That can help you to build up your page nicely.

I hope our article is useful for you.

I believe a conversation can give us a great solution so please tell me where I need to add or change information from this content.

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