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In this article, here I will share about python user input, raw_input, and output pint function. To learn more python User Input and related other things stay here and read attentively.

Key points of this article 

  • Definition of Python Input
  • Most used input function
  • Find out user input
  • How to input function work in python
  • Output using print function

What is Python Input ?

Python input is the value included by the system or user. It has different types of input devices. that we can use to provide data to applications.

For an example of python input –

  1. Using mouse click or movements – here a user can select a dropdown lists to choose a options from using mouse
  2. Stems from the keyboards – any users include their needed value using a keyboard.

There are many ways to include input from users with a command line or direct user interface. Using any kinds of ways but returns information using mouse or keyboards. 

Most useful input function

Here include all kinds of most used input functions.  See this below

Syntax of input function

The function is defined as a block of organized, reusable code used to perform a single code. Python has many built-in functions so you can create your own.

The syntax of input () function is –


Input() parameter 

The input() function includes a single operation instantly. Basically prompt is used as a string that is written to standard output without declaring any newline.

Input () return value 

Input() function reads one by one line then converts this input data with string to remove the extra newline. Completed this process then returned a value.

Example of input return value-

Suppose EOF is read, its expected value should be an ( EOFError ) exception.

How to input function work in python

When we use input () in any program, close the execution till the user inputs the data and presses the Enter button.

Include some data in the program and press the Enter button then it starts working. No matter what kinds of data input here it received only string data. 

Example of input () function working process –

# provide input from the user

inputString = input ( ‘Enter a string : ’ )

print( ‘The inputted string is : ’, inputString )

The output of the value – 

Enter a string: Python is interesting.

The inputted string is: Python is interesting

Output using print function

Python includes the print() function to display output to the standard output system.

Example of most useful print function – 

Syntax : print (value (s), sep=’’, end = ‘/n’, file= file, flush = flush)

parameters: value(s), and as many as you like. Will be converted to a string before being printed.

sep = ‘separator’ : (Optional) Separate the objects.

end=’end’: (Optional) Separate to print at the end default: ‘/n’ 

file: (Optional ) An object with write methods by default: sys. stdout

flush: (Optional) A boolean separates if the output is flushed True or False.

In this article, I shared syntax and different kinds of input values with real examples. Also discussed single and multiple user input data types here.

Now you create any python program user input data it helps you to take user input from the keyboards with built-in function (input function ) and return output to the including data.

Having any questions about this related topic, don’t hesitate please mention them in the comment box I will get back for your help

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