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Best website page optimization methods

What is Website On-Page Optimization?

Website page optimization is making your website search engine friendly so that your potential customer can easily reach your site and can enjoy best experience. Making a website page as efficient as possible by following Google search engine guidelines its called website page optimization.

Objectives of Use Website On-Page Optimization Techniques

  • Help Search Engine to understand your page
  • Increasing search engine visibility
  • Provide best user experience
  • Making desktop-friendly or Mobile friendly
  • Get organic traffic
  • Speed up the web page

Google has given search engine guidelines for beginners so that you can clearly understand their all rules and regulations.

Complete Guide of Website On-Page Optimization Techniques

Focus Primary & Secondary keyword

Find out user expectations and focus a main keyword so that you can write user-friendly content. You have to focus one primary keyword and two/three secondary keywords for one web page optimization. Primary keywords should appear in the H1, H2 & the main content and secondary keyword should appear in H2, H3 & content. Ensure the natural appearance of all keywords in content or heading.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is important part of SEO because oversize images, and attribute missing images would be reasons for bad user experience. So ensure the Alt tag, image name, description and image title appears in the image and quality of image size. 

Content Quality

Content is the most important part of website, If your content is bad Google never will rank it. So first of all write the best content, user-friendly content, and keyword-relevant content so that visitors can get accurate information.

Focus Basic On-Page Optimization

I will give you some crucial items which are very important for getting green signal from Google search engine. After complete basic On Page SEO than do advanced level on-page optimization.

  • Write meta description as your own language, don’t copy it from your original content or other platforms
  • Do relevant internal linking with targeted page
  • Ensure references so that users can trust your research and sources
  • Ensure a table of content, bullets point and summary of the content

Focus Best User Experience

Best user experience means you need to ensure your targeted visitor is satisfied by reading your content. Google user experience guidelines play a important role in search ranking. Some of the factors you have to think again such as.

  • Content structure
  • URL structure
  • User expectation
  • Image size
  • Infographics photo
  • Social media engagement 
  • External sources
  • Relevant information
  • Web page speed
  • Web page design

Focus valuable link building

Backlink is most 3rd important factor in Google ranking so don’t take it simply. Do competitor’s research to find out what types of backlinks they got and try to bring this site backlinks. Low-quality site backlinks would be reason for down ranking so try to bring niche-relevant healthy site backlinks. You can follow the proven outbound link guideline in Google.

Tracking page position

If you don’t what is the exact position of ranking in your targeted keywords so it doesn’t make sense. You can track your keywords by premium tools Ahref, Simrush or free tools Ubersuggest, Wordstrem tools.

Update page content every week

Google bot loves to rank updated content. You have to include the latest information in your content so that users get accurate information. New design image, added a new part of content, updated latest research result, include bonus tips and reply every comment so that visitor can get its accurate data.

What You Should Not Do for On-Page Optimization?

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