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When you choose a website theme, do you think about the tone of the site? Your audience? The brand? While these are all important considerations, they’re not the only ones. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what you want your site to look like. We’ve identified 10 different design options that will help you decide on a theme that best fits your business goals and vision. Website creation is a complicated and challenging task for many developers. Creating a website in the modern environment requires a lot of technical knowledge, both from the standpoint of web development and design. Not to mention that a website must also be easy to use, simple to navigate, compatible with all devices, and have professional design without being too complex. Website themes can be the cornerstone of a successful online business. They are an essential part of a website that should stand out and draw attention to your brand. Themes play a vital role in web design, giving the user the feeling of being at home when using the website. Today, people want to feel comfortable on their devices, and they desire a “personalized” experience on every device they use.

Main Issues of website theme

  • Misplaced style.css file– Spending time you buy an awesome theme for your website then you download it. When you upload and install it on your WordPress site, it looks like it doesn’t show the style.css file. WordPress show a message for you-

It is possible, all files are included but sometimes missing style.css file. When show these issues of website theme, you don’t upload root theme folder. 

  • Solution of misplaced style.css file- When you download a theme folder on your desktop just open it. Here you can see all files, or not find any file-like sub directory . Because the file name and theme name are the same. Find your file zip that upload via WordPress or find unzip it upload via FTP. 
  • Slow loading- It is the most common problem on wordpress theme loading is so slow. Because of codebase, incompatible plugins, unoptimized images, using old versions of theme builder. Create issues of the theme in your website as a result your site loading time is high. When you use an outdated version of the theme and use any videos, animation, Flash and huge images. It makes a lazy site on your website a very bad effect on your site health.

Solution of slow loading issues- Always use updated themes, not null theme. When you use any plugins carefully check everything to comfort your new theme. Must use optimized images that help your site speed. You should update your theme, WordPress and plugins. Don’t use many videos, large images and flash, it makes your site lazy. You can use speed optimization plugins(like wp-rocket, wp optimized and more) on your site. It gives super fast speed on your website. 

  • Unattractive URL-In the first time you see a default URL on your site that is very ugly. It’s not SEO Friendly, this is the issue of website themes. Here you see your URL mixing many items like published date, post title, tag, category much more. But don’t worry, you fixed it in just a few seconds.

Solution of unattractive URL issues of your website theme- When you see these issues on your website theme, you login your WordPress dashboard then go to setting. Click permalink then select post name and save changes.

 Refresh your website and you will be able to see that your site link is so attractive.

  • Don’t do the same with demo my Homepage- Everyone chooses a theme looking at it demo. But when you activate this on your WordPress and import all structures do not work properly. It’s happening because your website system and activated theme don’t matching anymore. Your website and demo are different. This is a common issue of website themes. 

Solution of homepage and imported demo issues of website theme – When showing the errors on your website, go to your website setting section. Then click Reading and set Front page display. If your theme does not require a specific page on home pages you must follow the latest page on your website. 

Done these settings on your website refresh your site url may be fixed issues on your website theme demo and homepage..

  • Missing buttons- It may be missing JavaScript on your using theme. When you don’t have any coding ideas, you build a website. It may be made by you using incompatible plugins on your site. 

Solution of missing buttons issues on website themes– JavaScript is the important part of a website. So if you have any idea of coding you should not customize your website. You should contact a skilled website developer for your website build-up. That can help you keep your site safe without any missing.

  • Blank menu- As an expert, you don’t see these issues on website themes. You are new to the website sector. Basically you face this problem unless you have enough knowledge in the sector. As a new developer he was confused why showing blank website menu after activating themes. Because you don’t set up your menu and not the selected area where you locate the menu.

Solution of blank menu issues of website theme- WordPress theme in case of haven’t any set up and developer not added this all theme in that case you see blank menu. First of all you must be sure your menu is working properly. Checking this follow these steps-

Step 1- Go to your WordPress dashboard 

Step 2-Go to Appearance

Step 3- Click menu

Step 4- Set up your needed menu in this section

Note: Make sure you have a menu. Don’t menu, you must create it. When you are sure you have a menu then you assign it location on this menu.

Step 5- All are done just click save change

  • Slides, tabs don’t work- It is a common issue on website themes. Basically sliders, tabs, mobile menu and other attractive sections building up developers using JavaScript language. If these features don’t work with your theme or in this moment stopped it, it happens to something short or broken on JS. Without specific reason showing issues on website theme that are very bad effect of our website.

Solution on Slider, Mobile menu in issues on website theme- In this point go to your dashboard then click all plugins. Deactivated all plugins and clear your WordPress cache then refresh your website. Looks like everything is ok now you activate all plugins one by one and check it caching. You don’t know which plugins make these issues on a website theme so you should install a new plugin to identify this plugin. One the other hand you try to contact web developers to gain enough knowledge in issues on website themes.

  • Can’t change any style- Every theme has a unique CSS file, but sometimes we don’t match our idea with the theme. At this point we try to custom CSS files on our site. Whenever you refresh your site your change has no effect on your website. This is an issue on a website theme cache. Now we know how we can fix issues on website themes.

Solution of changing don’t work issue on website theme- When showing these error on your site you try to one by one steps below-

Step 1- Clear your browser cache and refresh your website. Check loading up your homepage and click ctrl +R. Probably solved this problem, if not try next steps.

Step 2- Fresh all plugin cache- if you using any cache plugins clear your plugins data then refresh. You may see your changes on your website. Working not properly, try the below way.

Step 3- WordPress customizer- When you use the customizer section, you click the save button and refresh url. Maybe fix the issue on the website theme.

Step 4- Website default background not changing- when you change your site bg images, you are facing a ton of issues and loading speed is so boring. We recommend not changing your site’s background images.

Hopefully follow and carefully do step by step find out your solution in issues on the website theme.

  • All posts return 404 errors- If you have many posts but don’t access it and instantly find 404 error messages. That is another website theme error on the website, it is easy to fix and update your permalink setting. Whenever you use a new theme that uses a custom post, you face this issue on the website theme.

Solution of post returning 404 issues on website theme- you want to fix these problems just go to your dashboard setting-click permalink and save changes. Refreshing your site may be work. Otherwise you change the htaccess file manually on your site. Know more permalink follow instructions just click.

Common Issues of website theme

  • Incompatible theme
  • Post 404 returning errors
  • Connection time out errors
  • Always want to update 
  • Styles changes
  • Many theme don’t support featured images
  • White screen of death
  • Weak Security
  • Limitations in the design
  • White screen of death

Blog Conclusion:

WordPress themes are one of the most popular platforms used to build websites. There are so many available that you may be confused as to which one to choose. The theme you choose can make or break your website, so it’s important to know what the most common issues with WordPress themes are and how they can be fixed. Let us know in the comments below if you have any problems with wordpress theme! WordPress themes are one of the most popular platforms used to build websites. Web design is a highly specialized field, and most people have no idea what they’re doing. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your website’s appearance. If you are in the market for a new web theme, then we recommend that you check out our blog post on how to choose the best WordPress theme for your business or website. In order to get started, please fill out our contact form below so we can provide you with more information about what will work best in your situation. There are so many available that you may be confused as to which one to choose. The theme you choose can make or break your website, so it’s important to know what the most common issues with WordPress themes are and how they can be fixed. Let us know in the comments below if you have any problems with WordPress theme!

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