Why keyword density is not a factor of google ranking

Keyword density is not a factor of google ranking
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Today I will discuss keyword density guidelines in Google search engines because many people still don’t know keyword density is not a factor of ranking Google search engines. 


As a professional, you should not follow other community rules against Google community rules. Where are Google developers saying keywords density does not influence search engine ranking? Just make sure your content is written natural way.


If the Google search engine understands you are trying keyword stuffing, sentence sequence does not match with input keywords and looks like a very odd sentence, hampering your website ranking. 


As a professional SEO expert, I recommend you don’t follow keywords density rules if you are professionally unable to input. If you think you have to know keyword density ideal ratio input at least one time within 100 words.


Once a time, Google used keyword density as a ranking factor, but today it’s not used because many users are trying to influence Google ranking through keyword density.


It will be obvious if you read the Google support team answer



Here, google guidelines for keywords density:

  • Don’t follow the keyword ratio.

Here Google search engine specialist clearly said our search engine understands your content without following keyword density, so you do not need to take pressure for keyword density rather than content value.


  • Natural keyword sequence is important.

You should maintain the sequence of sentence meaning. If there is no demand for keywords so, don’t input them. Just input naturally of any keywords because keyword staffing will affect very badly.


  • Heading keywords may impact Google’s search engine ranking.

H1 tag keyword with at least one H2 tag wrapped with primary and LSI keywords, sometimes impacting search engine ranking. If you think it’s not matched with the first rules “natural keywords, so it’s not mandatory.


  • Keeps value of content rather than keyword density

Google developers always recommend giving them time for quality content, not keywords. Google search engine understands your content purpose, so if it’s qualities google search engine will rank top.


  • Irrelevant keywords

Without adding any value using keywords or repeating any keyword frequently without making sense sentences, make keywords stuffing. Search engines focus on human-readable content, not a bot or automated content, which gives incorrect information generation to generation.


  • Rich keywords

Try to use LSI keywords, trendy keywords, rich keywords which glorify targeted primary keywords. Ensure keywords appearance in H1 tag,h2 tags, and semantic keywords appearance in the paragraph. 


Sometimes I use these free tools search engine simulation tools for checking my content SEO quality…



If you are interested in knowing how the Google search engine reads your article, click this Search engine spider simulator where you can see what your website looks like! These tools show you an overall SEO view like what is H1, H2, H3 tag, description, meta tag, and keywords so that you can improve it quickly.


Here I will share my recommendation for keyword density how I got the top position in search engines…


Use “Rich words’’/trendy words rather than keywords. If you use more rich words or nearby keywords, it will positively affect the search engine.



Make sure your keyword is naturally appearing in h1 and at least two/three h2 tags, the slug of URL, and the permalink in site URL.


Recommendation 3:

Write content meta description precisely to represent what about your content page. It assists google in getting a short idea about your content.



Use Alt tag keywords in images naturally; also input keywords within the description page; don’t copy-paste from your main content.


Frequently asked questions & answers in short.

I think you deserve some questions answer:

Q.1: Does keyword density hurt SEO ranking in 2022?

Answer: There is no evidence of Google algorithm using keyword density ratio for SEO ranking.


Q.2: Is it helpful to use the same keyword frequently in my content?

Answer: Actually, how often you use keywords is not a ranking factor.

Q.3: What is the top priority of keyword density?

Answer: I think naturally using keywords is a top priority subject of google.

Q.4. What is the second top priority subject of keyword density?

Answer: I think it would be content quality if your content is user-friendly; google Bots must understand the value of that content.


Q.5.What is the third priority subject of keyword density?

Answer: I think it’s rich content; sometimes, you should use nearly all of the primary keywords, LSI keywords, and trendy words of your content naturally.


Lastly, I recommend watching these two videos to understand keyword density guidelines.


  1. Video 59 minutes


  1. Video 3 minutes


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